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This weekend was filled with the farmer's market (where I was sad to learn our area is out of strawberries), children playing in the town fountain, birthday parties, dinners away (which meant I actually got to enjoy someone cooking for me), and chicken coop building (okay, only the Mountain Man did that one).

And yet none of this inspires a blog post. Not a single one. Which means I'll fulfill my duties as a blogosphere participant and finally take care of some memes and awards. You have been warned.


First up, my friend Cheri tagged me with these questions:

What is your happy color? Red-Orange! (Not to be confused with Tennessee Vols' orange.) I used to have the most amazing orange sundress that I wore with brown clogs as I stomped my way around Boston in grad school. That dress brought amazing amounts of attention. I happen to believe that was because it matched my aura so well. Someone stole that dress out of a bath house at the lake a few years back. Completely broke my heart.

What one product could you live without but wouldn't want to? I'm going with Palmer's Cocoa Butter in the big stick. I used to carry chapstick in every pocket, but now I'm a Palmer's girl. Bella loves it as well and often has a Palmer's ring around the lower half of her face.

What is your guilty pleasure? Some people read celebrity mags or trash tv. I stalk. I have to keep myself from spending too much time checking Twitter streams and Facebook statuses for old friends and lovers. I can also pull a mean Google and know way too much about people who don't really matter anymore.

If you could travel anyplace in the world, where would you want to go and why? This doesn't sound glamorous, but given the opportunity, I would love to take my family (nephews included) to San Francisco to meet my grandmother. I haven't seen her since I was a young teen and the great grandchildren have never met her at all (and one of them will be 15 this year). I'd love to find a way to afford the trip and necessary lodging for all of us.

Favorite t.v. show? I watch too much tv and freely admit it. I love the good reality shows: Top Chef, Project Runway, Intervention, Hoarders, etc. Also am a huge Gleek and literally laugh out loud at Modern Family. I'm sad that Lost is over and really hope Grey's can live up to its finale. I stumbled on 9 by Design this weekend and love it! I can't wait for Flipped Out to come back on. That's another one that makes me laugh loudly (and I agree with Jeff regarding Ryan. Just fyi).

You have 24 hours of free time with no expectations, no work, no cleaning, no fixing meals, just free time. How will you spend it? This is so, so wrong, but first I'd try to finally catch up on all the unread blog posts in my reader. Then I'd go to Target (because it's an hour away and the kids usually beg for everything they see, so we normally stay away). After that, I'd go chill with friends by the pool and have a luxurious and carefree picnic. Yes, I'm boring and I know it.

You are being given the gift of one super-power. What super-power do you choose and why? I would choose invisibility. You can get so much accomplished when people can't see you coming and don't know when you're there.

Favorite quote? Right now it's, "Nothing other people do is because of you. It is because of themselves," which is from The Four Agreements, a book that saved my life. My mantra is, "It's not my business what other people think of me," which I first read in Codependent No More.

Describe one of your funniest/silliest/most embarrassing moments? I fall. A lot. Each and every one of my most embarrassing moments also happens to be my funniest and silliest because I'd fall in some humiliating way in front of a chorus of people and have no choice but to laugh at myself. I mean, what else was I going to do? Here's another quote, "You have to laugh at yourself because you'd cry your eyes out if you didn't," Emily Saliers of the Indigo Girls.

Optimist or Pessimist? Be honest. I'm a total optimist. I'm a skeptic but that's because I choose to see the practical side of things, but even when I'm doubtful, I still hope for the best possible outcome. And I can find some super-silver linings in the darkest of clouds. That's a gift.

I'd love to hear everyone's answers to these questions, so let me know when you get around to it!


Next up, my friend Janine and her Sunshine award. I've done this one before, so I'm going to take the cheaters way out and link it up. Hey, I'm saving someone some precious time here!


Lastly, my friend Dolly has shown her appreciation for my content's honesty and perspective with the Blog Monster award.
Those given this award "aren't afraid to take a bite" out of life. Thank you so much lady!


  • Cheri

    Love your answers. If I had 24 hours, I'd love to go sit by the ocean and read a novel. I rarely get to read novels because my family doesn't appreciate it when I "disappear".

  • Kim & Dave

    I'm with Cheri-24 hours by myself would HAVE to include a good book. & a walk outside.

  • Anonymous

    GLEE! It's my new-found obsession!

    I'd totally go to Target with you. I LOVE that store.

    Also, I'm a total clutz too and fall a lot.

    Congrats on all your awards. :)

  • Kelly Miller

    So apparently my 24 hours will be spent a little more ... plugged in ... than other's. I need to rethink my strategy!

    However, I must admit that I feel more recharged after being around people and in the world than I do by myself. I bet there's a lesson in that. Maybe if I ever do get the chance, I'll try to figure it out!

  • Hyacynth

    haha! My free 24 hours would include some blog reading, too. But I'd do it while sipping an iced chai next at the beach with my toes in the sand and sun kissing my face. Ahh, bliss. :)

  • ShannonL

    Fun! I love your answers and I'm a total Gleek too - I love that show!

  • Nina

    I fall too. twice in the last few months in front of people. once with my son on my shoulders, that was awful. humiliating. I have a little mantra now as I walk in public "my legs are strong and will hold me up" so far so good...

  • liz

    I laughed SO hard at the TN Vol's orange color! We live in Memphis and the Tigers are blue. Kate's soccer uniforms were orange and the coach is a big Tigers fan. He was joking that he couldn't coach a TN Orange team.

  • The Drama Mama

    Congrats on your two awards. They don't surprise me at all! I can totally agree with you on number 10. I think we kinda HAVE to be to survive ADHD. Haha. I think if I had 24 hours all to myself, it would include Starbucks, Borders (just to sit and read in peace), and window shopping like I used to do.

  • One Photo

    I LOVE Glee too. Not going to Target will definitely save you money, says she having just been this morning....

    My daughter also loves orange but I am pretty sure she did not take your dress :-)

  • Leslie

    Is it bad if I could check the "all of the above box" to your list of guilty pleasures (others' plus your own)?
    I really might consider myself tagged on this - I think I got too dependent on prompts during Five for Ten!

  • Justine

    Red-orange is my favorite too! I think there's a stalker/voyeur in all of us, now enabled by stalker-friendly tools disguised as social media, but kudos to you for admitting it!

  • amber_mtmc

    I DO NOT think you are boring. That is exactly how I would spend 24 hours myself. Well...I wouldn't shop because shopping gives me a headache. I would blog and write. A lot.

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