All she wants to do is dance

I came home from a Target trip with this tutu swimsuit for Bella. I anticipated that she'd be a dancerbug when we put it on her.

I didn't anticipate that she'd demand to wear it immediately and then never want to take it off. I also didn't anticipate that she'd force us to play Bobby da Nutcwackah on repeat. Suffice it to say, the swimsuit is going into hiding very, very soon.

Who needs magic shoes when you have a magic tutu? Especially one that you just can't stand still in.

Even when you try extra hard and even lean back against the couch to help curb the desire to dance, dance, dance...

Until you're so worn out you just have to crash out somewhere.

Until the need to dance wells up again, and you're off.

Honestly? I love it.


  • Anonymous

    My heart is mush!! She's so pretty in her new magic tutu. :)

  • Draft Queen

    I miss the days of tutu bathing suits and dancing about! Bella looks so sweet!

  • Bibliomama

    Eek! SO squishable.

  • Stacia

    Oh, boy, do I need a tutu like that! Is the extra energy included?? =>

  • Corinne Cunningham

    So sweet :) I've seen that swimsuit at Target... and have thought about getting it for Paige, except she now refuses to wear anything dress/tutu/ruffly. How ridiculous (especially considering my blog name... hmpf...)
    Bella is adorable!!!

  • Kelly Miller

    @Corinne - She went to bed wearing her dad's safety glasses and clutching a Snow White polly pocket. Hopefully that innate sense of balance will keep her from fully rejecting either her tomboy or prissy side.

    @Stacia - I can't promise anything, but if you get into a tutu bathing suit, please take pictures, okay?

    @Bibliomama - I know!

    @DraftQueen - You may soon have a little tutu baby in your house... Though I may have just jinxed you.

    @Anjie - Thank you!

  • Amber Page Writes

    I bought that same suit for my daughter. Isn't that the most adorable thing ever? Unfortunately, she's too young to know it's for dancing...

  • Anonymous

    When I was little, I would run around in my pink tutu and my brothers' red football helmet. And never take them off. Must've been a fantastic combo.

  • Kelly Miller

    Oh, yeah. If there was a football helmet available, she'd be all over it. No doubt.

  • Rudri

    Love this post. So cute!

  • Anonymous

    See THIS makes me wish I had girls.

  • BigLittleWolf

    This is adorable. (I can't imagine she'd want to take it off. What girl would?)

  • TKW

    Of course she won't take that little bit of deliciousness off! Even *I* want one of those! Adorable.

  • Cheri

    Perhaps ballet classes are in order? She's adorable! I don't think I'd put it in hiding though - too cute!

  • Katie's Dailies

    Oh, I miss those days (both for myself and for when our daughter was that age)!

  • Anonymous

    I want a swimsuit like that :)
    My daughter is almost 9 and I think she would like it. Of course, last night she was walking around in a bathrobe wearing sunglasses and carrying a giant pink sparkly magic wand.
    Stopping by from the BBQ.

  • Kelly Miller

    @BLW - My mother has gone in search of the $1 store tutus so Bella can wear them over regular clothes. We're enablers!

    @Amy - I hope Bella still has her ballerina/princess heart when she's 9! I bet you could find a way to attach some cute tulle layers to her swimsuit. It'd make her day!

  • CaneWife

    Love it! So cute. My friend's daughter has the same one and it's just supremely sweet.

  • Privilege of Parenting

    Natural exuberance personified—fanastic... dancing 'cause the spirit's in her and no one's been able to talk her out of it yet—and I hope they never will.

  • XmasDolly

    You must not stifle creativity, and the imagination of a child. She's a ballerina today, and a princess fairy tomorrow, but she'll always be as beautiful as she is now in your heart. Happy Memorial Day to you too. Thanks for stopping by, and your sweet comment.

  • cheeky rose

    Oh to be young again, I do the same with shoes. She is so cute

  • Joey Lynn Resciniti

    A magic dancing outfit is so cool! There's nothing better than busting a move in a pink tutu - those are some great photos too.

  • Kelly Miller

    @Bruce - Me, too. I pray every day that no one will ever teach her to be anything other than herself.

    @CW - It is so sweet. She acts ephemeral when wearing it.

  • Mommy Drinks Because You Cry

    Those are the best pics. I have the same of my daughter. The whole blur of tutu gets me every time! Love it Kelly!

  • Kelly Miller

    Yes, the blur is totally the best part.

  • ck

    Those are gorgeous photographs. I bet it was fun, getting in those positions and angling the camera. I love doing that with my girls, especially since they don't mind. And that shot of her crashing - awesome!

  • Kelly Miller

    Thanks lady! I just laid in the floor and snapped away. She loves being the center of attention now, but I know it'll change. Big brother avoids the camera these days.

  • Dalia - Gen X Mom

    I saw those in Target and almost grabbed one for my daughter. Second thinking that now!

  • Justine

    Wow - I love it. I especially love the pics. We haven't introduced our toddler to tutus yet but I rather imagine that day will come soon enough. And that's all she will want to wear.

    As you experienced yourself.

  • Anonymous

    so precious!

  • Leslie

    So cute! Makes me want to buy one (and just hold onto it for awhile). When I was her age, I wore a tutu over everything. I keep a picture of me jumping around in it - that's the kind of hopeful, who-cares energy that I need to call on every day!

  • The Drama Mama

    I love it too!! How cute she is in her tutu swimsuit!!

  • Unknown

    That...that is EXACTLY why I want a little girl. How magical is that? Perfectly fantastic!

  • Katherine

    How sweet! I had two boys first. When I finally had my girl I just KNEW she would be a twirly frilly pink girl. But here she is at nine and she HATES pink. She WOULD appreciate a nice tutu though and would dance like yours... at least I have that. What GREAT pictures!

  • Hannah

    Note to self: Stay OUT of Target with four year old daughter or you are TOAST!

  • ChefDruck

    Those pictures are absolutely amazing. They really capture not only her movement, but also the fairy-like nature of her tutu! My little Juju would love this outfit. Target you say? I have to get her one.

  • Jami

    I love those little legs poking out of a fluffy tutu. Such precious time...it goes too fast. I say: Dance, Bella, dance while you can!

  • suzannah | the smitten word

    love this! little girls are tutus are so precious:)

  • Bree

    Just saying thanks for stopping by my blog! :)

  • Unknown

    I imagine Heaven is made up of lots of little girls twirling to the songs of angels! :-) Brought a much needed smile to my face today.

    Hold that little girl tight and thank Jesus for her! She is indeed a blessing.

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