My children believe in miracles and magic. They believe that with the right mix of sun and water and soil and love, tiny things can erupt into something big and beautiful and strong. They believe they are capable of the same transformation.

They believe it because they held small things in their hands, tucked those small things into soil, added water, and hoped with their whole hearts. And now, where that tiny thing was, something beautiful and brave grows.

If there was ever evidence of the power of nature, this is it.

**This post is part of the 30-minute blog challenge.**


  • Cheri


  • Anonymous

    I am very jealous that your flowers are already blooming. The kids have been asking to plant seeds and I hate to have to discourage them. Soon.

  • Anonymous

    beautiful post and pics! they did an incredible job. and i'm jealous - i want to be able to grow things like that!

  • Unknown

    Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. That was so sweet.
    Inspirational : )

  • Bibliomama

    Are those marigolds? They look like this variety we planted one year. The label said something like discula granata, and we called them Disco Grandma flowers. :)

  • Kelly Miller

    Yes, they are marigolds. I've found they are the most hardy and enduring flower for our yard. Periwinkles do well, too, but I was too chicken to try them from seed.

  • becca

    Gorgeous. Gorgeous words and pictures. Thank you for reminding me that so many simple things, really are miracles and to stop and really SEE them.

  • Debbie

    Love the post! and love the flowers!!

  • The Drama Mama

    They are beautiful as is your post. I love it.

  • Kelly Miller

    Thanks everyone! I really wish I had a better camera, but I'm so glad you "got" this post. Also, I think the poor marigold in pic #1 isn't going to make it. I'll be giving it some major TLC tomorrow!

  • Dumb Mom

    Uh-oh. The plants we planted two weekends ago are already dead. Wonder what that little lesson taught my Dudes? Probably something I knew long ago: that Mommy's thumbs are brown both literally and figuratively which means if it has roots and has anything to do with photosynthesis, she will kill it! Glad your are thriving, though!

  • Kelly Miller

    You are teaching them try and try again! Also, you may have had bad seeds. We separated any funky looking seeds from the bunch before we planted them.

    And for the truly brown thumbed, I suggest buying seedlings. They have less opportunity to crap out.

  • Anonymous

    I love the blooms! Plants make me happy. You make me happy too. But you aren't a plant.

  • Kelly Miller

    You don't know that! I may be the Audrey 3. Feed me Seymour!

  • Cheryl

    Love this post!

  • TKW

    Beautiful flower! And how wonderful that, with your garden, you are teaching your kids that nature is, indeed, magical.

  • Jami

    What a great analogy. I wish we would have planted seeds this year, but as usual, I waited too long. But we are still planting flowers, so that counts, right? :)

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