They've hatched!
Is it wrong to want to name them? I tried to get a better picture but a certain mama thrasher came running out from under our deck and attacked my feet. I told the Mountain Man I totally understand what it feels like to brave the wilds of Africa for a rare animal sighting. He said, "Of course you do."

Also, yesterday was our 4th wedding anniversary and 8th dativersary. I realized we moved in together approximately 1 month into our relationship and American Idol started about a month later. I had never made that connection before. (And, yes, I watch too much tv). However, I'm rectifying that situation thanks to a certain novelist.

And, my kid scored 4.0s on his EOGs!!! Dude. That deserves another set of !!! I am so proud of him, and his teachers, for working so diligently over the past few months. Please excuse me why I yell a big ol' SUCK IT to ADHD.

!!! for Friday!


  • Doug

    Congrats Javi ... !!!

  • Kim

    You know how much I love exclamation points!!!! I think the EOG news would have gotten a whole ROW of !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!'s on my blog!!! LOL

    Congrats, Javi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • One Photo

    Oh that is wonderful news for your son, congratulations indeed!!!!!

  • Cheri

    Congrats to Javi! And to Mom for braving the mean old mommy bird to get a photo!

  • Moore Minutes

    Happy Anniversary!! Kelly, I have also been wanting to tell you how much the comment you left on my anniversary post last week meant to me. It seriously was one of the most beautiful things anyone has ever said to me. I cherished your words. Thank you for that!! You're a treasure. <3

  • Heather

    How cute!!! Soooo sweet. Happy Friday Miss! xoxox

  • Draft Queen

    Congrats on your new additions! And your anniversary! And your dateaversary!

    And most of all to Javi and his excellent work!

  • Leslie

    Ours hatched, too! They've already flown the nest - which is great, given that it was inside the house.

  • Janine

    That was so cute! Love the pic...I'll be posting soon about my endeavor tonight...rescuing an abused puppy. Yikes. As if I weren't crazy enough! lol Tell Javi, not that he will have any idea who I am, nor will my opinion matter much to him, that I think he rocks and congrats on the awesome grades! I agree...ADHD, or any other struggle so does not have to define our kids! Great job, Javi...great job, Mom!

  • Unknown

    Congrats- even though I don't know what a EOG is :) You are excited, so I am too. :)
    &Aww I want baby birdies!
    Just an fyi: I totally got your email & have meaning to reply but time gets getting away from me. I will though I promise. :)

  • Mandy P

    Ha Ha! "Suck it to ADHD"!!!! That's awesome! And congrats on his 4.0s! ...And on your anniversary. ...And on your dativersary!

    I'm trying to figure out if we live close, but can't come up with anything. Hmmmm.....

  • Anonymous

    What a day of !!! for you guys. Happy anniversary!!! Congratulations, Javi!!! And welcome, baby birds!!!

    (My own baby robins have (hopefully) flown away...post forthcoming on Monday!)

  • Unknown

    Suck it to ADHD indeed! Daredevil's 504 plan went from three pages to a half page this spring, and we are sooo happy about that :)

    PS I gave you a blog award.

  • ck

    !!! to Anniversaries and new Baby Birds !!!

    and !!!x4 to Javi and to YOU on those test scores. How wonderful that you have each other, as well as the rest of your family for support. ADHD ain't got nothin' on you!!!

  • TKW

    !!! to Javi. Good for him!

    And !!! to baby birds--how much fun is that? Happy 4th Anniversary, sweetie!

  • Sarah

    YAYAYAYAYAYAYAY Kelly! What totally terrific things to celebrate. CK sent me right over with a "Kelly did a !!!" !!!

    I am SO lovin' you right now! So SO SO SO SO

    Yay for you and your man, for the chickees and for Javi. Big ol' !!! indeed!

  • Stacia

    Happy ann-and-date-iversary! And congrats to your little man! Welcome, summer, and, welcome baby birds! !!! indeed.

  • Anonymous

    What a fun and happy post! A great way to start my morning, cause your enthusiasm is contagious.

  • Cheryl

    Happy Anniversary! So funny about AI!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog - I DID say yes. Did a whole vlog about it (my first one).The yes was so worth it!

  • Unknown

    How cool to see chicks in a nest - Happy Anniversary!!!

  • Rudri

    Happy Anniversary. Cool Pic. And a hearty congrats to your son.

  • The Drama Mama

    YAY Go Javi!!! Wow that's some great news!!

    Hello baby birds!! You are brave to sneak a pic, momma bird pecking and all.

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