Three Lovers

You, the beautiful myth, distant and shimmering,
you join me as his constant lover, see me curve into
and against him, my calves meeting at the small
of his back, my fingers contrasting brown
against his pale skin.

You and I, a tangle of sheets and jealousy
and painful desire for the same man. Yet, here,
with only your fantasy to soothe me,
I ask if my tongue could desire a nipple
other than yours, would it stand the salt
of any other skin?

There is a question in the imprint my lips left
just above the soft line where your hair kisses
his smooth belly when you glide up and over him.
Do you know that when his strong fingers slide
into me, it is your moist warmth he feels, your swollen
mouth that opens on the deep moan?

As he moves further into me, he comes infinitely closer
to your glorious depth. And as my dark lips take his length,
it is only your taste I swallow. Your body is a luscious
and lasting dream as my thick thighs straddle him,
my breasts full and soft casting shadows against the sheets
and his eyes squeezed shut.

Each time I arch, hair like water falling away
from my face, eyes black, mouth dry and gasping,
I conjure your clasping hands and heaving breasts
as I rise and rise and rise until
it is your name we scream.


**This post is part of Five for Ten, where we're giving each other five minutes a day for ten days. Won't you join us?**


  • Jen

    Kelly! You did it. This is glorious. Lovely. Words. And images. And. Wow. Love this.

  • Unknown

    I had to go buy another computer because this set the other one on fire.

  • Allison @ Alli 'n Son

    Wow. Just wow. (In a good way).

  • Alisha

    Wow. I am so impressed. Wow.

  • Nicki

    Fantastic! Beautiful! And yes, WOW!

  • C (Kid Things)

    This is probably the perfect example of what the Momalom girls had in mind when they set today's topic. Inspiring.

  • Rudri

    Cool Post. I am with C. I think this is what Momalom had in mind. You did it perfectly!

  • Corinne Cunningham

    Totally speechless :) In a fabulous way.

  • Liz Aguerre


  • Anonymous

    Holy, my heart is racing. Phew, smoking! (Should I admit that I want to read more?)

  • Rachel @ MWF Seeking BFF

    Wowzer. One of the awesomest things about Five for Ten has been reading such beautiful poetry. I'm totally in awe.... both of the beautful writing and of the courage (another theme altogether!) it must have taken to post this....

  • XmasDolly

    Holy Crap! That's like walking in in the middle of a movie, and not knowing what the hell is going on! I mean dam girl! Should I blush & close my eyes? Did I walk in on something? I mean even my husband has never been that romantic... unless he was drunk... hehehehehe~ Whew! Oh by the way I almost forgot why I stopped by thanks for stopping by me. lol

  • Sarah

    I'm staring at a blank screen, should have already written my own lust post, but I am late. I have little time left. I stare at the blank screen and I think...KELLY! I HAVE to read Kelly's post. And here I am. And I'm blown away. My desire revived, even though it's not even 7 am.

    You have rocked LUST like it should be rocked, Kelly. Absolutely fantastic.

  • TKW

    DUDE!!!! This is incendiary! Holy crap, I need to take a cold shower. Hoo-boy, you nailed this!

  • rebecca

    I have read this four times. I see different things every time. "He" her fantasy. "He" his fantasy. "He" a reality. I am dizzy from all the sweat and nipples.

    Glad you are writing. Especially with heat.

  • Unknown

    This makes me want to leave work and run home into the arms of the person who makes me scream like that. WOW. This is LUST defined.

  • BigLittleWolf

    This is GORGEOUS.

    Feel free to regale us with lust any time. Please.

  • suzannah | the smitten word

    dang, it's hott in here!

  • KittyCat

    Wow, I am speechless and that says alot, cause I always have something to say.

    I feel as if I need to take a shower.

  • Belinda Munoz

    Beautiful, Kelly. You are a talented writer and you inspire me to be bold with my writing.

  • The Drama Mama

    WOW!! This is superb!

  • Heather of the EO

    OK so...woweeeeeeee.

    What a gift for writing, first of all. I'm pretty sure this is the most passionate of all the lust posts...but then again, I haven't had time to read them all. I'm still sure-you get the blue ribbon. Way to go, lady!

  • Hyacynth

    This was amazing! You are such a passionate writer. Stopping by from momalom after reading your comment in the lust section about practice.

  • Unknown

    Wow. Wow. WOW!

  • Two Job Mama

    Gorgeous. Lyrical. And making me look over my should since I'm reading at work LOL! Came your way via Momalom (those girls have really got something going!) and will be back. Thanks for reading my blog too!

    Keep writing!

  • Anonymous

    Hot. Really hot. Like steamy hot. And uncomfortable will it ever go away hot?? Like I'm in a room where I shouldn't be. PERFECT LUST.

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