Guest List Anxiety

I'm anxious to get my invites out and regrets back as it seems that my 50-person cap has fallen by the wayside as more and more people are "snuck into" the guest list. What's really great is how I find out after the fact.

I need to point out that I'd love to invite every person I've ever met to the wedding, but the reality is I can't afford it. I cannot afford to feed 100 people and I don't think my chose space will accomodate all those people. Plus, it astounds me that people I haven't seen in years really want to come to the wedding.

I think the truth is, people feel obligated to come to weddings or the go because hey, why not. Not all those people are itching to come celebrate my and Billy's marriage - which is the result of an almost 5 year relationship that half of those currently invited have never even witnessed.

I'm telling you, these days a quick trip to the JP sounds like heaven! Anyway, let's hope that half of those on the guest list (both the real one and the one people keep expanding) send their regrets so I don't go into debt over this thing.

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Get Ready For A Reception!

So I'm set on a reception site. I spoke with the gallery owner today and I will definitely be holding the reception there. How exciting! The gallery will provide tables and linens - all I'll need is serving and dining plates, utensils, etc. I mean, I don't even need to decorate - there will be real live art!

I don't think I can adequately express how excited I am. I've been having these nightmares about how the wedding turns into this circa 1987 extravaganza complete with a baby's breath and purple polyester explosion all over the reception. I mean, my mother even spoke of a "head table." I don't even want tables! I want standing and viewing and chatting and munching. And then afterwards I want us to revel long into the night - but no head tables! and no baby's breath or polyester!

To explain - it's not that I'm trying to be difficult, but I hate how things become about other people. This is my first (ha!) wedding and I really want it to be about me -- my likes, my tastes, my vision. I have no interest in what other people expect from the generic wedding. I know that what I want is not what every other person wants -- but why does it have to be? Why should I be held hostage by other people's parameters or expectations?

Here's a hint: If you're coming to my wedding because a) you think you have to or b) you didn't grocery shop this week and you're hungry? Don't come. My theme is "The Sweet Life" and that's what you'll get from our wedding. Sweets and treats and just a touch of something other. And that's OK. Ya know?

My entire life people have expected and demanded that I do things like everyone else is doing, or what people think everyone else is doing -- and I've never fallen into that mold. In jr high and high school it was about clothes and music, in college it was about degrees and careers, as a parent it's been about the "shoulds" and "should nots." But guess what?! I've gone my own way at each turn and I've lived a fabulous life. I love where I've been - I've been happy and I've been sad, but I lived my life on my terms. That's all I'm doing with this wedding - regardless of external pressures.

Ahhhh. Now that I've gotten that out. As the old proverb goes: If nothing ever changed, there'd be no butterflies. Or dragonflies in this case :).

My newest obsession is a lavendar or mint (or both) table runner thing that hangs in front instead of to the sides of the food tables. And I need to think about decorations on the cake table. And and and!

--xoxo, Kelly

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Day 15 of the diet and I've lost 8.2 lbs. I think Billy's down about 12 lbs. I keep telling myself I'll hit the gym this week but it's Tuesday and I haven't made it yet. I even miss it, but it's hard to get motivated when you work from home and never really have to get out of your pajamas.

Anyway, things are moving along with the wedding. I sent my measurements to my sister, who is drafting a pattern for my wedding dress. Billy and I went to Sam's Club this weekend and priced out food (mini cheese cakes - yum!). We've settled on a wedding favor and have begun making them.

So I'm feeling good about things. Luckily I have Amy coordinating everything - she's a great task master - tho my mother is a little resentful I think. But, hey, Amy gets things done and gets them done well ahead of time!

Next on the agenda is firming up my plan B (and possibly plan A) reception site and finding a dress maker.

--xoxo, Kelly

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Getting Things Done

A month or so has passed since I last updated and lots of good stuff has happened. Amy and I put my printer in a head lock and got my save-the-dates in the mail. I put together a menu for the event and have appointments with several photographers.

So! There's more to be done, but I'm feeling a good sense of organization and accomplishment. Billy has set up residence in the back seat of this wagon (I mean, I think he has his own zip code now), but I'm trying to take that with a grain of salt as there are several things going on in his life now (and he's not the best at juggling stressful situations).

Billy is in class four nights a week now and his supervisors at work have both left -- leaving him to a) take on several of their responsibilities and b) train their replacements. We think he'll become one of those replacements (and be paid for it finally), but he's having to present his case now... If you know Billy then you probably don't need me to tell you he's a bit harried these days.

In other news, we've begun doing the South Beach diet together. I say together because we eat the same food, but I'm doing all the cooking and meal planning. I don't mind so much except for breakfast ... I'm having to wake up and have breakfast ready by 6:30 on weekdays. That's a.m. people!

Okay, I have a list of things to do today that won't get done if I don't get a move on.

-- xoxo, Kelly

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