Inside All of Us is a Wild Thing

My smart and creative son (who is currently taking his very first EOG) had a piece of pottery in our school district's Cultural Arts Festival. Despite no air conditioning in the pre-war gymnasium of the local high school, we enjoyed perusing all the colorful and interesting works from students of all grade levels.

Most especially, we loved this guy:

And we love this guy who really loved that guy:

But all the interesting pieces couldn't distract this girl:

Who cried and whined and freaked out over this door:

Because, apparently, that's where a wild wolf lives. Little does she realize, there's a wolf inside all of us. I can see it in the haggard expression on the face jug, the Mountain Man's shoulders pulled up to his ears and his eyes scouting the exit, and my perilous levels of patience.

One day, she may see the truth of herself, of us all, in art like this:


  • Anonymous

    Javi is so talented! I love his sculpture! :)

    I loved the Wild Things book but the movie disappointed me. I found it dark and disturbing and certainly not child-friendly.

    Poor Bella being scared of the door.

  • Kelly Miller

    She surprised me with her fear of the door. I didn't see the wolf until she pointed it out.

    I love Javi's sculpture, too. I'd been talking for years about wanting an ugly face jug and he goes and makes one. Such a sweet boy!

    I haven't see the WTWA movie, but we love the book.

  • Heather

    Congrats to Javi! It must make you so happy to see him create things! I like the book for some reason. I read it tons as a child.

  • Cheri

    Love Javi's sculpture - great job. And I totally see the wolf in that door and can understand the confusion and fright of a three year old.

  • SuziCate

    The little dude rocks with talent! I'll be the little one could make a mean play dough image, maybe she just wanted her own art show! You know divas can be demanding! Your kids are so adorable!

  • liz

    Good for him! You can tell how proud he is!

  • The Drama Mama

    I love his art!! It's fantastic. I can totally see the wolf in the door too.

  • Unknown

    (with a capital I!)

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