My voice vs those in my head

I am doing this thing. This thing called vlogging. I'm doing it to be brave and because I've thinking about it for awhile. And because Sarah will do it and that seems brave.

I did it knowing that I critique and criticize my voice, my hair, my face, my wrinkly forehead, my squinty eyes, my cheeks, the way I move my mouth when I speak, the words I stumble over trying to seem like I'm not scared out of my mind.

And I'm posting it anyway. Because Five for Ten is over and I've learned so much about courage and happiness and memory and lust and yes. I feel so blessed to have been a part this second round. And I'm ready for Conalom (Momalonf? Party5410?).

Why do I feel like if I can do this, I can do anything?

You know what would be wonderful? If we all made a 5 for 10 vlog. At least then I'd feel less ... naked.


  • Anonymous

    I can'tsee this from my phone I'll be back tonight. Brave of you! This I don't have the guts to do. And Conalom, you know I'm there girl!

  • The Drama Mama

    Your voice sounds exactly like I thought it would. It's warm and inviting, and I could listen to you talk for hours. Seriously. Unfortunately though, I would prefer to do that in person since having a hearing loss doesn't make it easy for me to understand vlogs. But, I did get "HI THis is Kelly from the Miller Mix." and "Have a good day. Bye" LOL.

    You are very brave.

  • Anonymous

    Yay, Kelly! So nice to see you. Amen to everything you said about the experience of Five for Ten. And I'm totally up for Conalom!

  • Cheri

    Nothing wrong with your hair, face, cheeks, eyes, mouth, speech or anything else that I could tell! I never took the time to figure out what five for ten was, but I'm glad you enjoyed it!

  • Alisha

    So wonderful!!! I did my first vlog about a month ago. Isn't it exciting?! Now you've gotten one out of the way, I think you should do another :)

    Your accent has me pining to be back in the south again. Man, do I miss NC!

  • becca

    Love it! You're inspiring me to consider doing one too! And I'm up for Conalom!

  • liz

    Great vlog, Kelly! You're a natural. :)

  • Corinne Cunningham

    You are so sweet :) I love your accent!
    Bring on the Five for Ten party! You did an excellent job w/ your vlog, congrats!

  • Kelly Miller

    Accent? What accent? :0)

    I would love to spend the evening/tomorrow listening to some awesome (and brave) vlogs! Please please please!

  • Unknown

    You go girl! So glad to have met you in these exhausting, challenging, wonderful, inspiring 10 days.

  • Shawna Cevraini

    Very cool Kelly! Good job!

    So glad to have "met you" during this wonderful, amazing, inspiring called Five For Ten! Bring on the party!!

  • See Mom Smile

    I have been out of the loop. Don't know what the 5 for 10 is but I am glad you did a blog. It makes one feel very vulnerable doesn't it? You go girl!

  • ShannonL

    Wow, that was great! You didn't seem nervous at all! Just genuine and sweet! :-)

  • Stacia

    Yay for vlogs! Though I'm not as brave as you and haven't tackled one yet. Maybe for next year's Five for Ten "Courage" post ... =>

  • Anonymous

    So great to see you! i've been thinking about doing one myself but not brave enough yet! the 5 for 10 looked like it was so much fun! I hope to do the next time around!

  • Janine

    I LOVE THIS!!!!! It is so awesome! How funny is it that I can love it so much, think that you look great, sound great, and had great 'camera presence', but absolutely cringe at the thought of actually doing it myself? Yikes! Really makes you think! You did a great job, Kelly, and I look forward to the next vlog! When I grow up, I want to be as brave as you! = ) I also loved the 5 for 10, but sadly with all that is going on with moving and all (as you have read...thanks!) it was hard to keep up... Anyway...great job! Be encouraged. It was a success!

  • kate

    i am so out of the loop...what is this conalom that everyone is so eager to be a part of???

    great vlog!

  • Unknown


    Btw, I LOVE your cheeks. I always wanted nice rosy round cheeks like that.

  • TKW

    EEK! I could never post a vlog! You are so brave! And lovely.

  • Anonymous

    You really are brave and showed a great deal of courage. I have been toying around with doing a vlog and just can't get myself to the point. It is strange - I don't understand why I am so scared yet I feel so naked.

  • One Photo

    Hi Kelly - I totally agree with everything you have said about the Five For Ten experience. I am new to Momalom so was just blown away by the amazing writing skills of so many participants and definitely found it daunting joining in but I am so very glad I did it.

    I hope we get to do it again soon too, and a party would be a great idea

  • Draft Queen

    I was way too tired to keep up with Five For Ten this time around. Totally made me sad!

    But I LOVED your vlog. Maybe someday I shall vlog.

  • Anto

    Hi kelly! You are simply at the peak of honesty and your writings muse me.. So I thought to share an award with you...Its all yours...please accept the award at

  • Bibliomama

    Out of the loop on Five for Ten, but can't STAND to see myself on video, so yes - brave. And beautiful -- sweet face, lovely voice.

  • Jami

    Aren't you cute! :)

  • Jack Steiner

    Wow, a voice to go along with the words. Very cool.

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