Wednesday Night

I'm sipping a glass of Scupernong wine and watching Lost with Billy. It's nice to have some downtime to enjoy each other before the wedding. I spent the day with my mother and two of her friends getting the studio ready and I had the hardest time falling asleep last night - which means this wine is really putting me into a snuggly, sleepy mood.

Tomorrow I have to hang around the house until my flowers arrive and then I'll most likely spend the next two days obsessed with how the flowers are handling the weather, environment, etc. I had a horrible dream about a month ago that the flowers had already arrived and that I had to keep them alive for an entire month. I woke up from that dream choking with anxiety and sporting a major migraine. Now that the time for keeping flowers alive has arrived - I'm feeling those same feelings rise to the surface.

So, my agenda for tomorrow: Wait around for flowers. In the meantime, call the pastor to discuss final touches on the ceremony, finish the programs, create the memorial candlescape and get started on food cards. Tomorrow night I'm meeting the girls to make fudge, stuff favor boxes and finish stamping.

All this has taught me one lesson: Hire and appreciate a wedding planner!

-- xoxo, Kelly

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It's Tuesday - that means there are only four days until the wedding. And, technically, it's only 3.5 because most of Saturday will be spent getting ready and doing pictures.

I'm feeling: excited, anxious, tired, trepidatious, nervous... Just a mixture of happy and nervous. Happy because I'm in love. Nervous because our marriage is sending me down a whole new path - one that I don't know much about. I think I've gotten by in life by calling on my wits and quickly adapting to each new situation. But I have no idea how to work a marriage.

I was talking about this with A today and I realized that I just don't have a marriage role model. Growing up, none of my parents' friends were married and none of my friends lived in two-parent homes. Only three friends who feature prominently in my life - Brook, Christina and Amy - could say their parents are still together.

So divorced or single parents are the status quo for me. I've never had to jump into an entirely foreign pond before. Living with Billy is like Boston, marrying Billy is more like Japan - does that make sense?

I'm not scared to marry Billy. I'm ready to get it over with already, but I have no fear that this is the wrong choice. I'm just looking past the foot of the mountain at the work required to get to the summit where we'll both enjoy the view.

On that note - there's a lot of work left to do just to get to the mountain. For example, we spent 2 hours today getting the studio ready and will be meeting there tomorrow to keep working. I've got to get the favors made and in boxes. I've got to make programs and food labels. I've got to pick up all my cakes and other desserts and I've got finish my personal grooming.

For instance, today I underwent my very first waxing - eyebrows and upper lip. And duuuuuuuude. It HURT. Apparently it's addictive, but I don't believe it.

Alright. It's late and I've got extremely busy days ahead. Time to sleep!

--xoxo, Kelly

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Counting the days

Six months ago this all seemed to be taking forever, but now the days are rushing past. I think part of the reason it feels so sudden is that I'm absolutely swamped at work as I try to pack two month's worth of work into 2 weeks. But, I'm keeping my eyes on the prize: May 8 I'll be work-free for a whole three weeks! This will be my first real vacation since I started working at Eli back in 2003.

My family shower was last weekend and I got tons of great stuff: pfaltzgraff pistoulet stoneware, corningware (with lids!), serveware, dishes, dish towels... Are you noticing a trend? It was a kitchen shower :) Billy's favorite gift was a bamboo charger from Pier One from my cousin Lynn. In private he exclaimed, "It's perfect for my dragons!" Yes, I'm marrying a man with a dragon fetish, a corny heart tattoo and the ability to make me laugh like no one else can.

But back to my - i mean "our" - gifts. My cousin Brenda gave me a stationery/stamping kit that I've already put to use. I went to a friend's last night to make the tags for my reception favors. They turned out great - I can't wait to hear everyone comment on them at the wedding.

Speaking of the wedding, has anyone else noticed that it's 2.5 weeks away? That's two weekends people! I'm nervous and anxious and excited all at once. My newest trick for getting into the wedding mood is to listen to my wedding play list on iTunes. Right now I'm listening to Frank Sinatra's "The Way You Look Tonight" and before that it was "Cruising Together" from the Duets soundtrack. Good for the nerves!

In other news: My sister Ashley is staying with us for the month. It's been great having her here, though she might tell you a different story. Javier has been on her like white on rice since she walked through the door. In fact, we had to physically dig him out of her side to get him to bed last night. I guess that's good for Ashley - cause Javi doesn't lose his marbles for every gal who walks through the door.

This weekend we have another shower - this one is for family friends and is being hosted by Ashley at Ms. Lacy's Tea House. I think we're having a work friends cookout in the next week sometime - I'll have to make my new specialty: twice baked potato casserole. Believe me, it rocks the house. If you ask nicely I'll give you the recipe.

Okay, I ordered the iLife suite a few days ago and I just got it today so I'm going to go play now.

--xoxo, Kelly

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