One month to go

Less than one month to the wedding and things are starting to come together.

Examples: Tomorrow morning I pick up my dress from the seamstress hemmed and ready for wear. I have three pairs of shoes to try with it (what can I say, I like choices!). My mother-in-law (MIL) and I are meeting with the family hair stylist tonight to do a practice run. Mom, MIL and I are going shopping tomorrow to find outfits for everyone. Billy's suit is pressed and ready to roll. I've ordered flowers and the cake.

I'm feeling much more confident that I will actually enjoy my wedding - which I must admit I couldn't say with any honesty less than 2 weeks ago. But, with the help of my family and friends, I've gotten tons of stuff done and have stayed focused and on the ball.

There was one tiny snafu with the invites: John Beverly never printed them! That's right - 2.5 weeks after I ordered the invites, I called to ask if they were ready and heard that the people "called" me two weeks ago to tell me there was a problem. Um, yes, there's definitely a problem! Because I never received said phone call.

So here I was twiddling my thumbs waiting on those invitations and the whole time I could've done what I spent that last 2 days doing: creating them myself. So, yes, invites are in the mail, but, no, they aren't exactly what I wanted. I'm okay with them though. They're definitely much more personalized than they would have been.

Also, because everything was so rushed, I forgot to include my Web address in the invite package. So that sucks, but hopefully word-of-mouth will carry the URL to the people who need/want it.

Okay. Work calls. Luckily I get to take most of the month of May off of work. But to do that, I have two squeeze three pubs' worth of work into April. Which means this update was a luxury I really can't afford. I'm such a procrastinator!

--xoxo, Kelly

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