Wedded bliss

It's been a full month since the wedding. In that time, we've gone on a wonderfully relaxing honeymoon, cleaned out my kitchen, made progress on the fence and bought a new car. okay, so the new car part is my favorite :)

This is our new Vibe. I've named her Mac because I slapped a Mac sticker in the back window and because she looks like a big, shiny, gorgeous iPod fresh out of the box.

Ain't she cute?!

Anyway, I'm still working on thank you cards and trying to get fully back into the groove. The best thing about being married so far is that we're finally able to move through our to-do list of stuff we put off until after the wedding. The fence will be complete next weekend and then we'll start replacing carpet through the house and the floor in the kitchen and bathrooms.

We've also decided to get the baby-having out of the way :) So sometime in the near future, we hope to be announcing a Mini-Miller to come.

So, yes. Lots of stuff done and lots still to do, but both Billy and I have enjoyed the past 43 days of marriage.

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