QOTD: On Wednesday

I left my house at 4:45 pm yesterday to pick up my friend, my mom, and my mom's friend and make our way two counties over to see The Color Purple (which was fantastic). I didn't get home until 12:45 am and wasn't asleep until 1:30 am.

Hence, I was seriously dragging this morning. At what felt ridiculously early but was really 8 am, I opened my eyes and there was a big girl moon face one centimeter from my nose. I have no idea how long she had been there, but she was just staring at me. I jerked back and she said, "Hey mama! I got my Wensnay!"

Me: Your what?
Bella: My Wensnay! WENSNAY!

I decided to leave it alone and just began the process of getting us both out the door and to her school in time. Every time I'd try to move her along (let's get dressed, hold still so I can fix your hair, yes you have to brush your teeth), she'd say "I sure do yub my Wensnay!"

Finally we were ready to go. I was buckling her into her car seat when it came to a head.

Bella: You yike my wensnay, mom?

Me: Honey, I don't know what your wensnay is.

Bella: No. My WENSNAY.

Me: Your Wednesday?

Bella: Yep. I yub it.

Me: Today is Wednesday. You love today?

Bella: No, not today! My wensnay. It my favowite.

Me: Where is your Wednesday?

And that child. That child of mine. Totally pointed at her vagina, which we call her 'china' and which she's been obsessed with lately ... to the point that the Mountain Man has threatened to put it in a box and lock it in a closet.

She pointed at it said, "My daddy told me I gotta pud away my 'shynah, so I callin dis my wensnay!"

Lord help us.


  • Janine

    Oh, Kelly.....you have no idea how hard I laughed at this one! Absolutely priceless...my 12 yo thought it was pretty hysterical, too...thank you...and thank you big girl moon face. I'm still smiling. Awesome.

  • One Photo

    Just wondering when Wensay gets banished also what will be next?!? So funny!

  • The Drama Mama

    Oh my. This is too funny. I don't know what cracks me up more...Mountain Man wanting to put it in a box and lock it in the closet or her calling it Wensnay! I have tears rolling out of my eyes I am laughing so hard. God bless big girl moon face and her wendnay.

  • Cheri

    OMG Kelly - this is too damn funny! At least the child has a healthy (no holds barred) body image! I'm glad she "yub"s her "Wensnay"! And I'm still laughing.

  • allison

    Well it's good that she's happy with it. Eve came to a full realization of the difference between boys and girls when we were out at the park and the boys got to pee in the bushes and she didn't. It went something like this: 'Boys have a penis and girls have a pagina and it's NOT FAIR!'

  • Justine

    Ha ha ha ha ha. That's hilarious - if you can't tell from my initial response that is. OMG - the things I have to look forward to with my now-18-month-old. :)

    Thanks for the headsup.

  • suzannah | the smitten word

    out of control! what a character:)

  • Rudri

    HILARIOUS. That's it.

  • Draft Queen

    Hilarious! Kids are so weird with their obsessions.

  • liz

    She's cheating the system. One term is a no go, so she created a new one!

  • Corinne Cunningham

    I CANNOT stop laughing!!! Oh my goodness she's a clever one!
    (and more power to her, loving her Wednesday!)

  • macondo mama

    Ha ha. I love that she asked you if you yiked her wensnay too. If she is so fond of it, her mama must be too, right?

  • Anonymous

    Bwahahaha, laughing, oh laughing. Your husband may have the right idea.

  • The Drama Mama

    I had to come back for more giggles. Haha. This is a fabulous post, it really is.

  • Unknown

    Oh My...what a way to start the day. That is too funny! I thought for sure she put on her Wednesday panties...which by the way you now need to go buy her if she doesn't have any!

  • Belinda Munoz

    Hilarious! And so different from boys, huh? Mine? More than talk and giggles. Full on aggressive, unabashed diddling action.

  • TKW

    I think you and my friend ck could have a LONG talk about vagina stories. Hey, at least she doesn't call it her "special hole." GOD.

  • Amanda

    I just fell a little bit in love with her.

  • ck

    This is such a funny story!

    I was just thinking exactly what TKW said. This made me think of the stories flying around my house these days - Ahhhh..."the wensnay"...such a fun discovery!

  • Unknown

    Oh my gosh. OH MY GOSH! OH MY GOSH! This is too funny for words : ) Can't stop laughing.

  • Jami

    That's hilarious! Little girls are something else!

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