Good things

I've had a busy week. Well, busy for me considering I usually sit at home and write write write edit until the kids and man get home. And then I clean cook eat clean in a mad frenzy of trying to get it all done by 7 pm so that we can lay around together for an hour before bedtime.

But being busy was good this week. I did some good things and close the week feeling pretty good about myself. Who doesn't like that feeling?

Earlier this week, I stepped in as a last-minute babysitter for a friend with three beautiful and well-behaved children. Actually, they were well behaved. Mine were not. Javi ran and yelled and kicked and sassed. Bella whined and demanded and forced.

But at the end of it, the three children yelled out to use from their dad's car windows, "Can we come back soon?!" And Javi and Bella yelled back at their disappearing car, "Yes!"

And then today, I shopped for Mother's Day at several local stores, which makes my heart happy. I'm a big believer in supporting the local economy, which is why we buy our produce from a local CSA and the farmers' market and do most of our shopping in locally owned stores.

But while I was out, I picked up a gift certificate to thank one of our local voters who won a contest through my other endeavor, SocialSanford. I loved buying something local to give to someone local for supporting local politics. It literally made me smile from ear-to-ear, so much so that the winner asked if I ever stop smiling. Actually? No, not often. Isn't she cute with her little gift?
And then, when the Mountain Man got home from work, he came in bearing gifts. Specifically, the exact gift I asked him to get me Mother's Day. Do you understand the significance? The EXACT gift. Not his interpretation of what I said I wanted. Not a rain check with the promise of a very similar gift in two weeks. The exact, self-same gift that I've been wanting.

And I'm so in love with it. Because, yes, I ripped the package open and immediately fastened it around my neck. Because that's how I roll. Isn't it pretty?
Yes, I know you can't see it well, but can you see how happy I am to be wearing it? Because I really don't wear any jewelry except my wedding ring (nope, not even earrings) but I never want to take this necklace off. Big thanks to La Bella Jewels for making such a thing in the first place. (And, yes, it sort of hurt my heart to not buy it locally, but buying from Etsy is sort of just as good, right?)

Lastly, I saw this super-cute craft idea for the kids to do for their grandmothers this weekend. You know, after we go to a festival I'm helping run with my local Jaycees chapter and get our veggies in the ground and take naps and ... well, you get it. At any rate, Shannon never fails to find and present really great ideas for helping kids play and learn at age-appropriate levels. If you go over there, you will be sucked in. This is fair warning.

So, it's been a busy week, but a good one. I hope you can say the same. If not, go flash a smile at a stranger or make something special for your loved ones or take a walk with five adorable children. Any one of these are guaranteed to lift your heart a little. I promise.

**This post is part of Feel Good Fridays and  Make New Friends Friday (which technically ended, but is still fun).**


  • Cheri

    Actually can't see the necklace at all, but can see the pure joy on your face! Your DH is a keeper.

  • Bibliomama

    ...no, can't really see it, but it's sparkly and you're smily. And yes on the busy but good week (was at school multiple times volunteering and watching my daughter sing and hanging art, walked with my friend, took kids to a lot of baseball games etc).

  • XmasDolly

    First of all thanks for stopping by & second of all July 5th??? You have 7.5.10 on your post! Don't rush it girlfriend! Now, look at that absolutely gorgeous smile you should do that more often. Yes, I can see how happy you are & that's all that counts! Happy Mother's Day girlfriend, and may all your days be filled with that smile.

  • CaneWife

    I can see that it's pretty! But not a lot of details.

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend and Mother's Day!

  • liz

    I think Etsy counts as local, too! It's so pretty!

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for the great compliments!

  • The Drama Mama

    It's gorgeous!! I love the face Javi is making in the picture. And, sometimes the best stuff is found on etsy. I wouldn't worry.

  • Dalia (Generation X Mom)

    Sounds like a great day! Happy Mother's Day. Enjoy yourself!

  • Unknown

    I am a local girl too!! i also love etsy supporting talented individuals!!

    anyway same with no earrings or jewelry just wedding ring, but i recently got a necklace for valentines day that came last week so mothers day too :)

    maybe we will both turn into jewelry queens now :)

  • Jami

    Love the necklace! You deserve it. Happy Mother's Day!

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