Memory Lane

My babyshop is closed. Like closed closed. No more babies, ever.

But sometimes I wish I could rewind a few years and experience my children differently. When that feeling takes over, I like to take a little stroll down memory lane via my Flickr account. Today, these blasts from the past made my heart happy and grateful that things were as they were.

Any do-overs or time manipulations might have erased these moments, and that would be a tragedy. This is how I curb my baby-years cravings. How do you?

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  • ChefDruck

    I get baby cravings at the drop of a hat. I have not found a cure other than staring at the disgusting floor of my minivan and imagining another human being throwing their toys and half-eaten cookies there!

    Your pictures are absolutely adorable. The last one simply doubled my baby craving. I may have to spend the night in my minivan to curb it.

  • Kelly Miller

    Clarification: No baby cravings at all. Just baby-years -- you know, first smiles, belly laughs, sweet young faces ... the whole shebang.

    I should go lift the car seats. Those little squares of filth should do the trick!

  • Susan Berlien

    Oh! Adorable!! I have not found a way to curb my baby years craving yet. I want another one! Too cute yours are thought...love it!

  • Unknown

    I don't curb : ) I want baby producing to commence at once... I just wish I could get Gary on board as he is an essential part of the equation... : )

  • Christy

    I haven't found a cure. Nope. I would take another in a heart beat. So I am no help at all.

  • Holly Lefevre

    I have never thought babies were as cute or like children more now that I know my baby machine is closed too. Sweet photos!

  • Night Owl Mama

    I do the same thing. I miss when my older one's were babies and yet I enjoy my babies even today.

  • Anonymous

    Our baby shop is closed too. Somedays it breaks my heart. I usually think practically about the work required. The exhaustion, the weight gain...

  • TKW

    My shop is down for the count, too. Luckily, my neighbor had a baby this past summer, so I got a lot of cuddles in. Bittersweet, isn't it

  • liz

    Your "baby hop" is closed! HA, HA, HA, HA!

  • The Drama Mama

    Oh my, they are so cute! I do the same thing. One of these days I will have to do flashbacks too, as I have been back and forth with the baby fever lately. (Factory's not shut down, but it's been put out of commission).

  • Anonymous

    I also love the term "babyshop." So clever! Mine, I think, is still open, but that doesn't stop me from wiling away the evenings looking at pictures of my babies who are, I suppose, technically still babies! (And with adorable kids like yours, who could blame you for taking those walks down Memory Lane?!)

  • Heather

    I'm still in the baby makin' years, and still have a baby (sort of)
    I guess a toddler isn't technically a baby, but I like to pretend. :) I do crave the tiny baby stage sometimes, and in that case, I just look back on pictures.

  • Draft Queen

    A year ago I looked at the man and said "I still want nothing to do with the baby making."

    And I meant it.

    But now I've changed my mind and quite frankly I'm pretty sure my body is laughing and saying "no freaking way, lady."

    Eh. We'll see.

    Love the pics!

  • Kelly Tirman

    my daughter isn't even 9 months yet and I already miss some of the little baby stuff. Hope you have a great rest of the week!

  • Unknown

    I just stop in the baby room at my daycare and snuggle my nephew there. That's good enough for me.

    My babyshop is closed permanently too. Sad some days, others so glad those worries and days are over for me.

    Cute pics! PRecious kiddos!

  • Unknown

    That is a handsome boy and one incredibly adorable little chunkers baby!

  • Emily

    I keep swearing up and down that we'll wait five years for #3 if there is a #3 at all, but baby Alex is getting so big already!
    It does not help matters that currently 24 of my friends either have squishy pink newborns or are gestating. You'd think it would, but it doesn't.

  • Jami

    Oh that chubby arm! I want to kiss it. I am finished too, but I doubt I will ever stop wanting a baby. In my mind there is nothing better.

  • Kelly Miller

    You guys, I was looking at that middle picture it thought, "someone's missing..." and then remembered that NO THERE'S NOT. I am totally cropping out that extra space.

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