A wonderful Mother's Day

I woke up slightly disappointed that it was 8:30 am and both children could be heard whining in the living room. So much for sleeping in ... so I stumbled out of bed and went to investigate.

My disappointment was soon replaced by joy because sitting right on the counter waiting for me was a handmade card from Javi and my new CRICUT! Of course I wanted to immediately make something, but the kids needed special attention. Billy was trying to make coffee and omelettes, so I dismissed him to entertain Bella and enlisted Javi in an even better breakfast: homemade donuts! We used to make donuts all the time when I was kid, but this is the first time I've bothered with it in probably 15+ years. I'm not sure why except that I hate disposing of the oil ... and I'm not a big donut fan. But it's a fun activity to do with Javi, so we delved in.

I popped open a can of womp biscuits (what Billy's family calls canned biscuits), flattened them out a bit and then used a small medicine cup to punch out a hole in the center. We heated up some Canola oil until it sizzled when I flicked a bit of water in the pot. In went the donuts! Javi was fascinated and shocked by the process. I think a big pot of hot oil sent off all the alarm bells from his fire-safety training. :) But after a few minutes over the pot, we had a batch of crispy soft donuts and donut holes!

I was content to dip them in brown sugar Splenda, but Billy needed more of a coating. So he whipped up a little brown sugar Splenda glaze to toss the donuts in. So yummy! I took mine back to bed to sip my coffee and relax ... which was the perfect way to enjoy the treat. (Also, only a real man could mix up a donut glaze in a princess cup and not feel weird about it!)

After breakfast, we got the kids dressed and took them outside for a little photoshoot, which was both painful and fun. Painful because the children don't like to be corralled and fun because we got some good shots. We're using the best ones in our Mother's day craft for the grandmothers ... which I need to help Javi make while Bella naps!

I hope every one had an equally fantastic and surprising Mother's day!


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