Sticky #1: Shut up!

We've been all over the map the last few days, from Relay for Life to the lake to visiting with friends. Both of my cutie pies are growing up so fast!

Bella had picked up a mean little saying that goes like this: SHUDDUP! SHUDDUP MAMA! SHUDDUP JAVIER! SHUDDUP!

I take all the blame because I snapped on Javi at the dinner table a few weeks ago when he just wouldn't be quiet, kept talking over me, kept making loud noises, and other annoying stuff. My brain melted for a second and it just came out like a demon: SHUT UP! And he did. I think I shocked the pants off of him and he was quiet for a good 4.5 minutes before it all started back up again.

However, the lasting effect was Bella's new saying -- and say it she did. I don't think she knows what it means, but she likes to yell it when she wants our attention or when we're doing something she doesn't like. Therefore, it's quite effective.

But yesterday she started saying something else: BE QUITE! Yes, that's how she pronounces it.

I'm guessing she hears Be Quiet a lot at her school and I'm sure I say it a fair amount. I'm always trying to get Javi to stop talking, lower his voice, use his inside voice, pleast be quiet, can you stop talking for 5 minutes?, it's quiet time, hush!, we're not talking right now ... you get the picture.

So I actually don't mind hearing BE QUITE JAVIER! or BE QUITE MAMA! because it's so much nicer on the ears than SHUDDUP!


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