Daphne's home!

Our sweet pup came back to live with us last night. I'm not entirely sure what happened with her new family, but they brought her back to the shelter yesterday around noon. Abbey asked us to foster "a dog," which I thought was hilarious -- but then she said it was Daphne and, of course, we wanted her back!

She got here around 11:30 pm, and after piddling on the carpet and jumping around like a kangaroo, she finally settled down for some loves.

Not long after she got here, it was time to go to bed. I was worried that poor Daphne had no pillow or bed, but she settled right back into one of our old habits -- slinking under the bed and staying there all night.

I slept in a bit this morning but when I woke up it was to the sounds of Daphne pattering around upstairs and Bella squealing "Dap-a-ney!" over and over again. The kids were super excited about having her. They've been loving on her, rolling on her, sitting on her, and sneaking her treats all morning.

Bella has also been modeling Daphne's behavior -- so now when we want her to sit, we give her the command and follow up with a treat in the form of grape or piece of canteloupe and she stays right there.

What a reunion! I hope we all remain this enamored of the silly dog for as long as it takes CARA to find her a new home. We're just foster parents with the mission to keep her out of the shelter until someone else wants to take her home. She seems to be enjoying this little adventure!


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