It's kids' night!

As we've begun doing on Monday nights when I don't have Community Garden, we took the children to Kids' Night at Ham's tonight. Every Monday they have a different character and so far we've seen a blue CareBear, Dora the Explorer, and Mickey Mouse. Tonight, Bella lost her mind several times because the character was [drumroll please] ... ELMO!

You wouldn't believe the rollercoaster of emotions that result in Elmo standing outside, then disappearing, then walking through the dining area to the patio ... all without coming to see my toddler. She went from glee to sorrow to excitement to frustration.

But then all was good because Elmo not only came back (and, yes, Bella was crying, "Come back, Elmo! Come back!") -- he also posed for pictures, gave high fives and hugs, and hung around until Bella had her fill.

The Lindauers (minus Abbey) met us out, but only Audrey wanted anything to do with the big red creature. I think some primal instinct in little Ian warned him that huge, furry, fake-looking creatures should be avoided at all costs.

Next week the character will be Ernie. But what's Ernie without Bert? I guess we'll find out!


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