Happy Mother's Day

There's nothing better than celebrating Mother's Day when your children are old enough to present you with gifts that come from their hearts. Bella is clueless about the holiday, but Javier isn't -- and he's chomping at the bit to give me the gift he made in class this week. I imagine I'll wake up in the morning with his big brown eyes boring excitedly into me and the gift hidden behind his back... and I can't wait!

I received Bella's present Friday morning as I dropped her off for the day. A nice laminated bookmark and delicious cream cheese muffin that I could've eaten at school with her except that I got there right at 9 am ... and that's playground time. I didn't think I should torture Bella by making her sit inside when she could be playing to her heart's content -- especially when she doesn't "get it" yet.

But the muffin was delicious when I ate it at home with a piping hot cup of caramel drizzle coffee.
Happy Mother's Day to every woman out there who loves and nutures a child -- regardless of whether you get called Mom!


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