To my dear husband:

Three years ago today, we were preparing to face the unknown together. As two adults who grew up witnessing extremely rocky (perhaps horrible) marriages and even worse divorces, we knew that marriage isn't the end. It's not the fairy tale "happily ever after."

We knew that marriage was the beginning ... of the hard work, the sacrifice, and the overwhelming rewards that come from sharing your life with someone that your trust all the way to your core. We also knew that our marriage would herald another life-altering event: a baby. After dedicating our lives to each other for four years, we decided to take the leap.

So there we were on Saturday, May 20, 2006 -- so nervous and yet so excited to be stepping onto this scary and beautiful path. I hope you always know that I'm so happy you decided to take this walk with me. That we trusted in each other enough to shirk those roles we watched our parents play and instead have faith in each other.

That was three years ago -- seven years from the day we first decided to make our way in the world together -- and I am as lucky, grateful, and proud to have you as my life partner now as I was then. In fact, my love and admiration has only grown as I watch you be an amazing and inspiring father to our two wonderful children.

If God had allowed me to shape a husband for myself or a father for my children, you are the man I'd create.

I love you,



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