Bella's new toy

At her birthday party last month, Bella spent as much time in the playhouse as she did the bouncy house. So I couldn't resist when I saw the exact same playhouse for sale on Craigs List earlier this week... and fate worked in my favor because the seller's agreed to bring it to Broadway so we didn't have to drive far to pick it up.

Bella loves it! She calls it by it's proper name, MY PLAYHOUSE!, and likes to ring the door bell and go in and out the door. She also really wants Daphne to get inside or at least hang out by the window ... which Daphne refuses to do. We moved the kitchen up to her room and plan to keep the playhouse in the living room until June, when we'll swap them back. That's the plan until we find a bigger house or find a way to rid our yard of fire ants ... I'm sure the new house will happen first.

Here's my snugglepuss in her new MY PLAYHOUSE! Stay tuned for a video of her enjoying the new toy.


  • Robin

    SWEEET playhouse Bella!!

  • Courtney Jenkins

    Luke got the same playhouse from my parents for his birthday. He LOVES it! Whenever we're outside we have to go to "his house" where I must sit outside the window (by the sink) & order hamburgers & hot dogs. If I'm lucky he also makes cookies.... aren't they just adorable!

  • Kelly Miller

    Unfortunately, we can't put Bella's playhouse outside because of the fire ants ... so she plays in right in the living room. It takes up a lot of space, but it keeps every occupied. Even Javi gets in there to play with her! I love that Luke is practicing his waiter skills ... sounds like he's ready for his summer job!

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