Water baby

After a long day of school, Bella often needs quite a bit of coddling and patience from us when she gets home and in the hour or so leading up to dinner. So last week I decided to let her pull a chair up to the sink and play in the water while I cooked.

She had a blast, but everything around her got soaked ... and she still required constant supervision as she kept trying to pour water from one measuring cup to another while the resting one was on the counter ... despite me telling her 18 million times to keep the water in or over the sink.

Also, we have a very deep sink, so she had a hard time playing with the cups and toys I tossed in there for her. All in all, she had fun, but this isn't an activity that will keep her occupied while we work around her. And now every time we let her in the kitchen, she grabs a kitchen chair and tries to push it to the sink. When we stop her, she dissolves into a snot mess while screaming "Me play water!" at the top of her lungs.

It's hard being 2, isn't it?!


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