Any ideas?

My husband refuses to take his shoes off in the house. Anyone have a suggestion for changing this nasty habit?

He used to keep them on because he was always tromping outside to smoke, but he's been smoke-free since February. So leaving his shoes on is now just a bad habit that I can't seem to break.

I've tried making a point of taking everyone's shoes off. I've tried asking him to take his off. I've left his flip flops by the door so he will see that he has shoes if he needs to the leave the house ... but none of it has changed him.

And he really doesn't leave home again once he's here. He got home at 4:30 pm today and it's currently after 7 pm and he's yet to leave the house ... even to run out to the car.



  • Katie Jones

    Maybe he could be like Mr. Rogers and keep a "separate but equal" pair of shoes inside the coat closet? Then, he'd just change into similar shoes. If he'd like, he could also slip on a nice cardigan sweater, too. :)

    If he never wore his inside shoes outside (since he never really leaves in the evening), they'd be plenty clean enough for full-time inside wear.

    Maybe he'd prefer really comfy slippers or Crocs to flip flops?

  • Anna and Drew

    Spend a lot of money on new carpet and then say that he drove you to it.

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