Don't waste your money!

I cleaned out half my attic this afternoon ... and at the end I felt like a large, sweaty beast who needed to be hosed down. But half of the attic is clean! And there's a pile of crap ready to hauled off for the Jaycees yardsale.

I'm choosing not to think about the other half of the attic that still needs to be purged and organized.

But in my travails, I came across about 50 gift bags and more than that many sheets of tissue paper. You can sort of tell how many there are in this photo but there are bags flattened inside of bags, as well as boxes and wrapping paper.

So the next time you need to give a gift, please come knock on my door (I'll be waiting for you), and ask me for one (or five)! The point of holding onto them was to re-use them ... I just forgot exactly how many I was holding on to.


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