5 things...

15 years ago I...
1. Moved into a girls-only residence hall at UNCG.
2. Joined Coraddi (UNCG's student literary mag) as a volunteer.
3. Visited New Orleans for the first time.
4. Dated the same guy from high school.
5. Learned all about clubbing.

10 years ago I...
1. Lived in Boston
2. Interned at Beacon Press
3. Drank way too much
4. Pined away from a coffee-slinging coworker
5. Changed my course of study from MFA to MA

5 years ago I...
1. Officially adopted Javier.
2. Started planning out how Billy and I would buy a home.
3. Celebrated my first year at Eli.
4. Freelanced for Tweak Magazine.
5. Lost 50 pounds.

2 years ago I...
1. Had a baby.
2. Celebrated our first wedding anniversary.
3. Sent Javi off to kindergarten.
4. Worked at an online travel company.
5. Got laid off ... and so began my freelancing career.

1 year ago I...
1. Celebrated Bella's first birthday.
2. Started working for the Lord.
3. Met up with several wonderful women from iVillage.
4. Ran a voter registration drive.
5. Gave our dog back to the shelter.

Yesterday I...
1. Spent at least 5 hours writing (work stuff).
2. Helped Javi and Audrey with their homework.
3. Went to dinner with the Lindauers minus Abbey.
4. Read Dora's Alphabet Book with Bella.
5. Took the dog for a walk (the one that's back after a year!).

Today I...
1. Woke up exhausted from working late into the night.
2. Will grill marinated chicken breasts for dinner.
3. Missed out on a great lunch because of billing screwups.
4. Submited 8 housing articles to my editor.
5. Made plans to buy Bella a playhouse.

Tomorrow I will...
1. Wake up refreshed.
2. Pick up the playhouse.
3. Take Javi to the library.
4. Call Eli about the money it owes me.
5. Work in my compost pile.

Five things I Cannot Live Without
1. Billy.
2. Javi.
3. Bella.
4. Internet.
5. Good friends.

Five Things I’d Never Wear
1. Onesie.
2. Body suit.
3. Swamp boots.
4. Crotchless underwear.
5. A diaper.

Five Bad Habits I Have Are...
1. I'm impatient.
2. I procrastinate.
3. I'm prideful.
4. I hold grudges.
5. I overextend myself.


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