Sunday Mornings with Bella

9:00 am. Bella wakes up, begins yelling "Mama wake up! Mama, Bedda waked up! Mama get Bedda!" in a sing-songy tone.

9:15 am. Bella pops up in bed when Mama finally arrives to get her out of bed. She yells "Hey, Mama! Wan go pway?"

9:20 am. Bella has Mama sitting in the floor playing with a spinning turtle that sings "Can't Hurry Love." Bella angles her legs so the turtle's legs brush against her as it spins. Bella squeals "Dat turrel getted my wegs! Why you do dat turrel??!!" Then she realizes she has no milk. "Where my meeyelk, Mama? You get it Mama!"

9:30 am. Bella and Mama come downstairs for milk (and coffee and maybe Thomas will distract her until I can make some coffee). Mama turns on Thomas. Bella sings along to the Thomas theme song, "Go-way Thomas, Go-way Thomas, Go-way go-way pway Thomas!" and then turns the tv back off.

9:31 am. Mama turns the tv back on. Traps Bella in her portable seat and offers a handful of Apple Dapples. Bella demands, "No my seat, Mama! I no want dat cereal (seer-ree-ear-ree-uhl)! I no want it!" as she knocks the cereal off her tray.

9:35 am. Mama sits down with a bowl of ceral. Bella screams "Dat's mines, Mama!" as she climbs into Mama's lap. Bella then steals Mama's spoon and eats all of Mama's cereal.

9:40 am. Mama wipes off Bella's hands and face. Bella then demands, "Wipe-a my ahms! Wipe-a my wegs!" Therefore Bella gets a full-body wipe down.

9:45 am. Mama tries Thomas again. Bella firmly says, "No, Mama, no want dat Thomas." And turns the tv back off.

9:50 am. Mama wakes up Daddy. Mama gets big cup of coffee and hides from them both.

The End.


  • Robin

    She gets up at 9am! I hate you.

  • Kelly Miller

    To be fair, she was up until 11 pm the night before because I told the sitter not to worry about putting her to bed... however, that's cause we thought we'd be home by 8 pm.

    Normal wake up time is between 8-8:30 am give or take. Still nice!

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