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I have a friend who'd like to blog, but who doesn't think her life is very interesting. She told me that her blog would be "wash, rinse, repeat." I'm always surprised when people equate an interesting blog with an interesting life because ... have you met me? I work from home and I really only blog about the kids. Now, granted, to some I am not at all interesting, but others find me worth the few minutes.

So I set out to help this gal understand that blogging isn't about a recap of what you did that day. You can write a whole post just about something funny at dinner or that silly photo of your kids or where you'd love to vacation. Any small and seemingly insignificant thought/item/experience is likely something we've all been through and like hearing others complain/rave about.

So, in that spirit, I found this writing prompt site and sent it to her so that she could use it when she runs out of ideas or when she wants to do the laundry list of her day post. (Although, I found this laundry list extremely well done.) I figured I'd post it here to in case someone needs inspiration during NaBloPoMo.



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