I Live In A BLUE State!!!!!

The absolutely awesome aspects of this election continue to come in.

1) Our nation didn't fault a presidential candidate for the fact of his skin.

2) NC elected its first female governor AND ousted Jesse Helms' hand-picked replacement for his Senate seat.

3) We are a BLUE state! For the first time since 1976, my fellow North Carolinians went Democrat. So now if there's a red-state blue-state split, I get to be with the Statue of Liberty, stem cell research, beautiful beaches, Harvard and Berkley, two-thirds of tax revenues, less divorce, anti-war, fresh water, fresh fruit and cheese, etc. You get the point.

And can you believe this is all because people exercised their rights to VOTE? We didn't have to pass laws in the middle of the night or strong-arm people into anything - we all just did the American thing and voted.

The United States is truly a glorious place to live.


  • Jamie

    Amen! I couldn't be more thrilled :-)

  • Katie Jones

    I am proud to be an American after this historic election and thrilled to see the number of people who went to the polls. At least now I don't have to be afraid to travel abroad now because of our bad reputation! ;)

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