The Drawing Debacle pt 2

So, after reading Katie's advice this morning, I sat Javi down and asked him why he lied about the drawing. He told me he didn't lie - it is an airplane. Then I pulled out my back-up evidence and he said, "Oh, yeah, those are hot girls."

After I picked myself up off the ground, he told me that, "See, the hot girls are wearing skirts." And that was true.

So we're moving on from this. I didn't lift the ban on guns, but we did decide that they couldn't be pointed at other people. That's our rule about water guns, pretend guns, finger guns, etc. Javi is never allowed to point guns at other people.

I didn't ban him from drawing hot girls, either. It was very hard! I did ask him if he could use his fantastic art skills to draw girls and boys so they weren't stick figures. He is now at the table practicing. I peeked over his shoulder and the girls are still busty, but not crazily so. Now they have really long hair (as opposed to just a big round O head), longer skirts, and high heels.

This has been a study in the development of a boy. And also society. Why does my kid think girls/women have long hair, and wear skirts and heels? I have short hair, as do two of his aunts. I very rarely wear skirts and can't think of any close friends he's been exposed to who wear skirts. And I don't think I know anyone who wears heels on their scooter.

But he's got the message. And, I guarantee you, his daddy would draw the same thing. Guess that's just men for you. Luckily, there is 50% estrogen in this house - so Bella and I balance them out!


  • Katie Jones

    Good job, Mom- way to handle it! Nice work of encouraging his developing art skills. Who knows? One day, he may be a portrait artist who paints lovely, realistic paintings of fully clothed, well-endowed women. :)

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