So THAT's what they're used for

After listening to Bella's loud breathing all weekend, Billy and I discussed whether she'll need her adenoids removed. Billy's were taken out when he was infant because he couldn't eat and breathe at the same time. You can hear Bella breathing in the living room when you're standing around two corners in the bedroom ... so we're thinking she may have a similar issue.

But that led us to wonder what the hell adenoids are for, anyway? And tonsils - what purpose do they serve? Why do we have them if people can have them cut out and never miss them? And the spleen. And the appendix. Why do we have these useless organs?!

At the time, I told him to Google it but instead he made a jab at me by saying, "Like I'm going to jump right on the computer at 10 at night." Which was a stab, whether anyone wants to admit it or not. Because where was I at 10 pm at night last night? On the computer, that's where. Googling stuff. But I digress.

We went to bed information-less. But today when my new book arrived and I immediately began devouring the beautifully designed pages, I found the answer! Tonsils destroy inhaled or swallowed bacteria and adenoids also take out those inhaled bateria. They are our bodies' body guards! And here I've been dismissing them for so long. While the book doesn't mention the appendix, it does inform me that spleen works with bone marrow and thymus gland to produce white blood cells. WHITE BLOOD CELLS. The freedom fighters inside all of us.

I shall never blow off the importance of the body's natural defenses. The tonsils, adenoids, and spleen work to keep us healthy. And no damn wonder she breathes so loud - her body is HARD AT WORK keeping her from getting sick, which in turn keeps me from going out of my ever lovin' mind with a sick and whiny baby.

I salute you tonsils, adenoids, and spleen. You are my heroes.


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