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I found this drawing in one of Javi's notebooks.

When I confronted him, he told me - very quickly - that it was an airplane coming toward you. He traced the "airplane parts" with his finger. This, he said, pointing to what looks like a head, is the where the pilot sits. This, he said, running his finger over what looks like arms, is the wings. These, he said, tracing what looks like a woman's chest, is the engines where the fire comes out. And these, he said, pointing to what looks like legs, are the wheels that come down.

He said it all so quickly and nonchalantly that I had to believe him. I had to. It was an unfortunate coincidence that my innocent 7 year old drew what looks like a very busty stick figure. Right? RIGHT?

But then later I stumbled up pages and pages of stick figures. Men pointing guns at each other (a no-no in our house - we don't play with or draw weapons), men on skateboards, busty women riding scooters...

My kid not only straight up LIED about the "airplane," he did it with panache! Had I not found the further evidence, I would've believed him to this day. So now I'm faced with: What do you do about it? It's not pornographic. He's really into comic books right now, superheros being his favorite, so I know he's seen some rather unrealistic female characters.

Do I ban him from drawing women? Do I ban him from drawing boobs just like we've banned him from drawing guns? Anyone have suggestions? Or maybe a tequila shot? I'd take either.


  • Katie Jones

    Obviously, the ban isn't working... you banned him from drawing guns, and he drew guns. So, I wouldn't try banning it, because that only makes it more appealing. It is totally normal... see it all the time in school. All my first grade boys draw gun fights- some from homes of parents who hate guns, some from homes where they have lots of guns. And ALL my fourth grade boys drew busty women. :) I would try not to make too big a deal of it and let it pass unless he starts drawing something really disturbing. I think "busty girls on scooters" is hilarious! Saunders says, "What's wrong with busty girls on scooters? That's like my fantasy!"

  • Katie Jones

    Oh, I just wanted to add that the lie would bother me much more than the pictures! Forgot to say that in my first comment... I would discipline for the elaborate, quick lying- not the busty scooter riding. :)

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