In the mood

After rearranging all of Bella's clothes, I got the bug to finally put up the wall stickers I found at the Dollar Tree a few months back. I can't believe they were only a dollar! The only part I don't like is that the green letters don't really pop against her sage green walls. Oh well!

These poppy photos are from the May and April pages of our 2007 calendar. In the frames, they just happen to match the colors in Bella's room (red, green, and black).

I wanted to put "busy as a bee" on another wall but I used up all my Bs. Instead I have "busy as a" - which really confused Javi. I'll have to make another Dollar Tree run. I hope they still have these stickers. If not, maybe I can fashion a B out of a D? Or find a funky bee to stick up there? Or take my $1 stickers and go home?


  • Katie Jones

    At my Hobby Lobby, in the wood working section (near the dollhouses in my store), they have some very thin balsa wood shapes that are painted. They have a VERY cute bee, and I've often thought they were light enough to just stick up to a wall. That would be cute, because you'll probably never find the letters at Dollar Tree if it's been longer than a week.

  • The Millers:

    Great idea! I could probably use poster putty to stick it on the wall. Billy noticed it yesterday and said "Busy as a... is something missing?" No! I meant it to be that way! :)

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