The Monkey On Tape

Previously, we've only been able to catch Bella sneaking out of the crib in the shady darkness or by interpreting her weird noises. But last night she decided to just go on and show us. She then clapped for herself because what's wrong with a little self-pride? Nothing!

When we realized that climbing out of the crib isn't about to stop, we went ahead and removed her crib rail.

Then we realized that the crib bed is too high off the ground and we have nothing to keep her from falling out. So we improvised for last night ... by setting her up in the bouncy castle.

When we left her for night-night, she whimpered and cried and played with her toys ... and then she got really quiet, so we assumed she had gone to sleep. Easy peasy! A quick peek into her room revealed (or so we thought) that she was passed out in the bouncy castle. Who knew it could be so easy?

But as soon as we shut the door back, the kid was up and at 'em. More playing, more noisy toys, more heavy breathing. But then it got quiet again. We decided to just wait it out, although Billy and I both agree that we need a two-way mirror in there just to watch the antics.

Billy went up around 11:45 pm to check on her before we tucked in for the night. Guess where that child was sleeping? On the glider! Every night before we lay her down, we sit in the glider and read books, sing song, or just cuddle. And the night before last (when it took us 3 hours to get her to sleep), that's where she kept running to when she'd escape from the crib. So the glider is her safe place.

But she wasn't just conked out in it sitting up. Nope, she was face down in the seat with her legs dangling down to the floor. As if she ran over there and threw her face down in the seat out of disgust or desperation. Billy picked her up and laid her in the bed ... where she stayed all night - no falling out!

This morning I heard her rustling around at 8:30 am. I went up to get her and this is what I found. What a sad little bundle of pink floofyness.

I think she may have been a little freaked out about waking up to her new bed, but hopefully by the time Monday rolls around, we'll be champs at getting her to sleep in it!


  • Katie Jones

    Oh my gosh, that video is hilarious. I heard the fireman-pole squeak on the last escape! I love the clapping, and I bet she does clap for herself when she's by herself!

    I would love to show Katie Anne this video because she loves to watch "The Bella Show", but I am not showing her this one. She's already putting one leg over the edge when we come in to get her out in the morning! Yikes- we're not far behind!

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