My fashionista

Recently, my baby Bella has begun to manifest some quite stereotypically girly behaviors. I don't know where she's getting it from, but I can tell you it's not me!

Firstly, her friend Zoe sent a big box of clothes. Bella's favorite item? A pair of sunglasses. She's been a glasses girl, but she is possessive over these pink shades and gets upset if she sees someone else even holding them. I was cleaning up the other day and picked up the glasses to put them away. That child ran over to me and yanked the glasses out of her hand. She then cradled them to her neck and gave them kisses.

Her other weakness? Shoes! Boots are her #1 love, but sandals are a close second. She inherited a pair of black and pink light-up boots from her other friend Skylar. I had just set them out when she spotted them - and made a bee line for them. I couldn't get them untied on her feet fast enough, so she spent that minute of waiting doing what she does best, knocking me with her feet and grunting like she was dying. The light-up boots are awesome, but she still has love for these: her starter boots. The whole boots love affair began when she spotted these cuties, which were given to her last Christmas by my Aunt Debbie.

So what's next? She hates tutus and hairbows, so I think I'm okay in those areas for awhile. However, I signed her up for gymnastics yesterday and she was AMAZED by the girls in there. I have a feeling she'll want a leotard soon enough.

(I won't go into the tantrum she threw when I didn't let her run wild in the gymnastics building, but suffice it to say she REALLY likes it - and she wants to play NOW. Also, note to self: never take Bella into a dance/gymnastics studio unless I plan to let her loose. It's easier on everyone.)

**Notice I am avoiding discussion of bedtime. It's still happening so I'll report tomorrow.**


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