Travel much?

I have recently been bitten by the travel bug. Now, I've done my fair share of business travel but I want to do some leisure travel. I found a great site that shows you were you've been. After looking at the states I've visited, I realized I really need to get off the East Coast.

Perhaps I'll convince my mountain man husband to whisk the family off to the southwest. I'd love to see the Grand Canyon or Yosemite. Of course, can we go when it's not too hot? Because I do not like to sweat!

What's more than likely is that we'll just drive on down to the beach like we always do. But, I'm not complaining - I love living in a state with the beach just a drive away.

I have no intention of visiting middle America. I mean, what's the point of going to Nebraska? And who really wants to visit Idaho? Besides, all those "family values" states are home to crazy sociopath pedophiles (as evidenced by numerous news stories, so don't blame me!).

Want to see where you've been? You can create your own map by going to World66.com.


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