Super Pooper

My child has a problem. She poops in the tub. Two nights in a row now she's done. The first time I caught her in the act and yanked her out.

The second time? I had overdone the bubbles a bit, so when I heard her making a funny noise and looked over at her, I believed her act. She smiled really big and yelled "duck!" - so I assumed she was just playing... so I let her play awhile longer and then washed her and took her out.

It wasn't until later in the evening - after she was soundly asleep - that the poo was spotted. I had forgotten to let the water out of the tub and the bubbles slowly dissappated. Billy went in to shower and found her secret brown surprise! Just floating around in the now-disgusting water.

I couldn't believe it! I washed her in that water! Hello, I've earned Bad Mama badge #132.

Game plan: We have now equipped the bathroom with a Dora toilet seat. Every night before bath, we'll plop little Pooper on the seat and see what happens. We also will keep a keen eye on her to ensure no more poo!


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