The Sickness

I started feeling sickly a few days ago and knew it was because my children cough, sneeze, and wipe their runny noses on me every day. I don't normally get sick-sick, so I bumped up my water and vitamin C content.

It didn't work. My head is stuffy, my throat is sore, my nose is runny and my body aches. Meanwhile, my children have sloughed off any trace of their respective colds. Those little butter-nubbers infected me and get to walk away unscathed! The punks!

I'm sucking on strawberry-flavored Halls and downing pots of orange juice. It's sugar overload, but it's keeping me alive.

Bella's letter coming soon - you know, just as soon as words don't make my head hurt more. :)


  • betsy lee

    My friend sent me a really neat gift for my kids and me. It is called a Germy Wormy. It reduces the spread of germs as it is a “disposable sleeve to protect clothes” and is a great tool to teach my kids to cough and sneeze in their elbow instead of their hands. Check out their website.


    They have a fun for kids puppet show, activities, and a place to order the “arm sleeve”.

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