Lady Warrior Bug

Last Halloween (2007), I was so excited to dress Bella in Javi's first Halloween costume - a ladybug. I had held onto that costume for six long years (and three moves) just so that baby #2 could wear it.

You know how this story ends, right? Halloween 2007 rolled around and I couldn't for the life of me find that damn costume! I searched for it in Javi's costume drawer (he has a lot of them), in his dressers, in the attic, in my closet, in the basement, etc. I finally had to concede that the ladybug costume had given up the ghost.

Well guess what I found this weekend? That damn costume! I used to collect boxes and one was a treasure box. Apparently, some time in the past I decided to turn the treasure box into Javi's keepsake box. In there was a Tufts tee shirt from Kati, Javi's first pair of mittens, a pint-sized diaper, some booties, his first tiny cap from the hospital and THE LADYBUG COSTUME.

Obviously I had to force Bella to wear it around, right? I mean, what else would I do? Notice how she looks a bit stumbly on the stairs (in her new favorite shoes). And how she really wasn't happy about wearing a costume made for a 9 month old. Also - there's nothing cuter than a Lady Warrior Bug (except a Javi Warrior Bug, that is).


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