An answer to CampGordon

I am only updating today to kick off NaBloPoMo. After 4 hours of Jaycee training and stuff, my head needs a break! I came home and sacked out on the couch until eventually Billy made me get out of everyone's way by moving to the bedroom. Do you expect me to suffer through sitting up with the laptop when I could writhe dramatically while watching Law & Order reruns?

I do want tell you I got a call from Amy (referenced here) giving me the what-for for bringing up a 10-year-old example about the scapegoating. However, I think it's the funniest example and really kicked things off - so I'm leaving it. I did tell her to start her own blog so she can post her own 7 things, which would include "my friends used to pimp me out for their own personal gain."

And that would be a direct finger pointing straight at me (and Amanda) for those sordid college years in which I'd put her right up on the butcher's block in exchange for a biscuit, a ride home, $3 to get into ladies' night at some dive club. However, I would like to make it known she once benefited in the form of a $20 bill still in the bank envelope. Also, that ride home was for her, too. So there!

Who wouldn't read campgordon.blogspot.com?


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