So moody

We had a great day, but it wasn't without the typical (please tell me it's typical) toddler mood swings. Please note that my child goes from silly to mad to sad in the span of three minutes.

And, yes, I know I provoked her (and purposely asked her Why a hundred times), but it's only because I needed to exact a little revenge. She really makes me laugh!


  • TKW

    That video is a total keeper!! You MUST show her that when she's a teenager and humiliate the heck out of her!

    I think running the gamut of those emotions in 3 minutes is actually showing some restraint--I think my firstborn did it in a minute, easy. Awesome!

  • courtney sanderson

    Oh my gosh! By the time to pouty face was in full force I was laughing so hard!

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