Because it feels like summer

What's a little tooth enamel between friends?


  • TKW

    I'm coming over to your crib NOW!!!!!

  • Kelly Miller

    That large red pile was chili lime seasoning. Dude. It was sooooo delicious. I've also been eating it on popcorn. YUM!

  • ~ Italian Bella ~

    I read your comment on From Inmates to Playdates about husbands donating organs to their wives. I had to chuckle out loud. I thought "Good Lord, I've been pregnant by my husband 10 times! I should be producing antibodies to kill him off outside my body by now!"

  • Kelly Miller

    Okay, that's hilarious. I think the true miracle is that our bodies secrete hormones that protect our fetuses (feti?) from those killer cells. Life is so amazing, isn't it?!

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