Bad mama

Back in December one of my freelance contracts ended and I made the decision not to replace it. To maintain our budget and lifestyle, I chose to scale back on daycare and work during nap time and after the kids went to bed.

Can you guess how this worked out? All I have to say is no one at Bella's school ever thought it important to tell me that she refuses to take naps anymore. And knowing she's here all day with me makes Javi a little crazy and clingy so when he gets home from school all he he wants is my undivided attention. So, basically, I'm trying to work with both kids in my back pocket.

Therefore, I can't really be blamed for what I did (or didn't) do when Bella realized that Javi left his door open after he left for school yesterday. Wide open. With all manner of legos, Bakugan (backyookin to Bella), and art supplies. I was trying to finish up some editing when I realized the world was way too quiet. And I knew. I knew she was in that room and she was destroying whatever she could get her hands on and he would be so angry when he got home.

But I finished up my editing, sent out some invoices, and did some straightening up in the glory of all that quiet, without tripping over anyone or having to fight someone who suddenly wants that very thing despite not playing with it for hours (you know how it is). And only after all of that did I venture upstairs. Strangely, nothing seemed out of place in Javi's room. I pivoted and crossed the hall to Bella's room. Currently known as The Disaster Zone. And this is what I saw:

When I walked into the room, she held her hands up and said, "Javi's gonna be SO MAD at me!" Then turned to make me some orange soup before showing me the "wolf prints" on her hands. Because she didn't do this alone -- "dat wolf done helpded me makin' dis mess, Mama!"

Inevitably, both kids were crying when one had to clean up her mess and the other had to deal with cleaning up her mess, too (putting 800 pencils, crayons, and markers back in their little slots and reconstructing 6 lego vehicles and taping torn pictures). But we all learned a valuable lesson: You have to deal with the consequences of your actions.

Just don't tell them my secret. It was sooooooo totally worth it! I'm flashing my Bad Mama badge proudly. :)


  • amber_mtmc

    Yes, I know how it is! I remember trying to finish school with my first. It was tough!!

    And, sometimes, you have to let them make the messes. You need that quiet time. Even if it does mean another mess to clean up eventually.

  • Rieshy

    I completely get this! Sometimes my big kids ruin my bad moments for me- they helpfully point out some misbehavior that I'm ignoring for the sake of a little extra time.

  • TKW

    It's quite remarkable, the kind of mayhem that ensues when they're left to their own devices. I've witnessed many scenes quite similar to that.

  • Jack Steiner

    Oh my son would go ballistic if his sister destroyed his Legos. That would be an epic explosion. Oy.

  • Kelly Miller

    Oh yeah, Jack. There were tears and yelling and now 18 different types of signs decorating his door all reading a different variation of BELLA IS NOT ALLOWED!

    I told him the signs only work if his door is shut. You should've seen the look he gave me!

  • Leslie

    I've totally done that - and it is worth it for those moments of quiet, even if you know you'll pay for it later!

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