Mellow Monday

Weekends aren't what they should be. Rather than resting and relaxing, we're hurtling here and there, squeezing in this, and struggling to finish up that.

Therefore, I am the 1 percent of the population that looks forward to Monday. Not only does the big kid go back to medication (which we cease on the weekends) and head back to school (making the house so much quieter), but we fall into our routine and each moment is carefully measured according to what just happened and what should happen next.

Monday mornings used to be me in pajamas with a steaming mug of coffee in a dark room, but now that we're only part time at daycare, these days are full of play that's mixed with learning. This morning we:

Vacuumed the kitchen.

Doctored some babies while learning where our hearts are and that heart starts with H.

Put together the same four puzzles about 15 times while watching Milo & Otis. (And learned that babies come out of kitty and puppy butts. I didn't have the cajones to correct her and WOAH have I never seen this movie because why the hell are they showing dogs and cats giving birth?)

Had a dance party for some physical activity since it's freezing outside.

And then relaxed in Mama & Daddy's bed for some post-lunch, pre-nap wind down with Dora.

A certain monkey is now upstairs in her bed singing Santa Claus Is Coming To Town. Each verse gets quieter and quieter as she nears sleep. I'm researching and writing for a deadline tomorrow with the blinds all the way up so I can feel some semblance of warm sun on my face.

These mellow Mondays are the days I live for.


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