A lunch miracle

This isn't only a new year for us; it's also a whole new schedule. We decided that since I'm taking less work right now, we'd move Bella to part time at school. That means she'll be home three days each week ... with me. We're on day two and I'm actually really enjoying it.

The part I dreaded most was lunch. My child is a picky eater who is highly distractable. She can be starving yet turn her nose up at the most common toddler foods (the child doesn't even like mac & cheese). Then when she finally eats, something will grab her attention and suddenly she's full and must get down from the table. Now!

My sister and I did a lot of prep work for this week which included spending lots of time in the grocery store figuring out what the hell to have on hand for lunch. Yesterday was still a fail. Somehow Cheerio snack mix, Micky Mouse cheese, and peanut butter on crackers was soundly rejected. Bella wound up eating half of the mountain man's spaghetti-os. Yes, gross.

But today was a new day. My child practically drank her yogurt and thoroughly enjoyed eating each and every bite of grapes and bananas I put in front of her. See?

If you haven't tried the YoBaby 3-in-1 meals with your little one, you must. She ate an entire cup and it contained her arch enemy, also known as green beans! You wouldn't think green beans and pears would be tasty together, but the geniuses at YoBaby figured it out. We used to eat a lot of YoBaby when she was younger but thought she'd outgrown it. Not so much.

So day two of home lunch was successful. Is it too early to start planning for (and dreading) day three?


  • Anonymous

    Nathanael is the SAME way. The boy has to b about to STARVE TO DEATH before he'lleat. About once every 7-10 days, he eats a HUGE meal, and in between, it's only about 3 bites per meal. So my suggestion would be "don't waste any money on day 3"!! Meg

  • Kelly Miller

    That's Bella. I think they are close in size, too, so I shouldn't be surprised. I'm not buying anything else, but I will be wracking my brain to figure out what in this house she'll eat. It may be another 3-in-1. Have you tried those with Nathanael?

  • becca

    What? Yo Baby does veggies? Get OUT! I'll be searching for that tomorrow! Genius!

    So glad it's going well so far... meals are my worst enemy around here. Between Hannah not eating what's in front of her and Luke throwing what's in front of him... it's just a disaster. I dream of the day where we have a nice, sit down, family meal. One Day.

  • Jack Steiner

    Looks like it was a success. Hope there is a lot more of it.

  • amber_mtmc

    I like the idea of YoBaby meals. My girly is finicky as well. Green beans? Hah. She would never...Perhaps now?

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