My youngest child can be extremely sweet and loving. Unfortunately, she can also be really mean and hateful -- and she often swings between the two in just minutes (seconds?). This is why her secret nickname is Evirella. Bella is the sweet side; Evirella is her scary evil twin.

I happened to catch Evirella on film yesterday and was going to keep her to myself, but I've been convinced to share. Those thwacks you hear in the background at the end are Evirella spanking me with a picture frame. Forget Mommy Dearest. We're living with Daughter Dearest!

Feel free to call her Evirella if ever you come across her, though I can't promise she won't shank you.


  • BigLittleWolf

    Too funny. Amazing how quickly kids change - then change back!

  • becca

    Oooh... she looks threatening! :) Hannah has an evil side too. We call her Hannible (like Hannible Lecter).

    I'm sorry.. I still think she looks cute!

  • TKW

    You delivered!!!! Awesome!!!! Although a face that adorable is hard to call Evirella!

  • Jack Steiner

    I love her nickname, it is cute.

  • Sarah

    Sweet and sassy. The girl's got oomph, I tell you. And waffling between loving and hateful attitudes? My two year old is right there with her. I would say it's just an age-related thing but I know it's not. My guy's got a boatload of personality and knows just how to use it. argh.

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