GTT: Hot? Not.

There are plenty of people in this world that I find boobie-achingly hot. However, sometimes I see other folks drooling over people that make my stomach turn.

1. Russell Crowe. I don't know exactly why women think he's hot. He looks like my asshole neighbor who refuses to keep a job and thinks all women must want him.

2. Megan Fox. She's traditionally very pretty, but she's also a greasy, smarmy Angelina knock off. 'Nough said.

3. Jack Bower. Really? This guy? The one who's always drunk and fighting someone in real life?

4. Rihanna. I like a few of her songs and I was angry for her when Chris Brown hit her and I'm proud of her for not letting the violence define her, but I think she looks like a weird animal. Maybe a dog? 

5. John Mayer. He doesn't turn my stomach, but homeboy ain't hot. The only thing I can figure out is his musical talent outshines his physical appearance but it always surprises me to see yet another young, pretty starlet on his arm.

Go ahead and admit you think these people are hot. I can take it.


  • Kami

    I am with you all the way. Love your captions!

  • Kekibird

    Ok, you have Rihanna on your list and she was cut off only because I thought Megan Fox was uglier! I agree, although Jack Bower, if you plug your ears, isn't too bad...kinda sorta...

  • Alicia

    You are so right! I could careless for Russell Crowe. Megan Fox I think could be pretty but I cant get past her "I am all that attitude." I totally dont understand the fuss over John Mayer..I dont even like his music and I think he needs to cut his hair!

  • Brittany

    John Mayer....there's a fugly I missed! Awesome list!

  • Chibi

    Russell Crowe is rather icktastic, and I never thought of Megan Fox that way, but SPOT ON. Ew.

  • The Ranting Mommy

    Russell, Kiefer, John Mayer = agree. My BIL totally has the hots for Megan Fox, I see the attraction, but I hear she is rather clueless. I am surprised by your choice of Rihanna. I CAN'T STAND her singing, but I find her a pretty girl. Alas, that is why this is so fun!!!!

  • Sharon G

    Can I just say how much I LOVE your John Mayer photo...hubba hubba!!! i didn't think he was cute until I saw that face...hahaha!!!

  • Diane

    Oh, I love you. I almost put Megan Fox on my list, and I was going to say almost exactly that: so classically pretty, but she just looks DIRTY, no?

    And JOHN MAYER. HOW could I overlook him? I want to smack the douche right off his face.

  • amber_mtmc

    I agree with you! I would also add one more person: Taylor Swift. She is not attractive. She would not be noticed if she wasn't a famous singer.

    And, that picture of John Mayer? Says it all. Uck. Love his music, though.

  • Curves in the Road

    Your description of Russell Crowe is awesome. Great list ;)

  • Draft Queen

    John Mayer is so ugly. Blech! I agree with your list.

    And you're right, Rihanna does resemble a dog... I never put it together until I read it.

  • Suzanne

    C'mon! Russell was SO HAWT in Gladiator. I admit that I haven't been ga-ga about him since, but maybe this upcoming Robin Hood looks promising.

  • Kelly Miller

    Xanne - you know I thought of you when I dogged out Russell Crowe. :)

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