On being beautiful

I don't consider myself beautiful, though I also don't think I'm hard on the eyes. I don't wear make up, my hair routine is heavy on conditioner and defrizz creme because otherwise my hair hangs half limp and half cotton ball (you'd have to see it to understand). My lips are full and I lick them a lot, so I carry a tube of some balm in every pocket and bag (Nivea is my favorite).

But I do have one beauty secret: Vaseline. Yes, your mom's and grandma's good ol' Vaseline.

It works for everything! I add it to the dry areas on my face after I put on face lotion (with SPF) every morning. I lather it on my lips at night before I go to bed. I use it on the tips of my fingers, the creases of my knees and elbows, and on the rough patches that pop up all over my body during the winter months.

I've tried every deep moisturizing lotion, every tonic and solution and cream that promises to turn your skin from alligator to baby's bottom and nothing works like my Vaseline. And guess what? I also put on my baby's bottom -- so there!


  • MommyGeek

    Vaseline is pretty versatile. And I always have it at my house ;-)

  • TKW

    Really? Wow--if I put it on my face I'd be a walking zit. Turning 40 has not been kind to my skin!

  • Kelly Miller

    @MommyGeek -- I didn't always like it, but my skin is super dry so now it's my best friend.

    @TKW - Super dry skin. Like, flaky dry. I use it on my nose and the center of my forehead -- that T zone you see in commercials. If I use it on my chin, that whole area becomes a mountain range.

  • Anonymous

    I'm with you on this beauty secret! I put it on my lips every night... not a turn on for my husband but he thanks me in the morning when he kisses me goodbye!

  • Moore Minutes

    So funny you posted about this because I JUST started hearing a lot about this yet I've never heard of it all until recently! OK, you're the final thing to convince me, LOL...I'm going to buy a tub and try it out. ;)

  • Brittany

    I use it for dry skin too, but can't put it on my face otherwise I end up looking like a 13 year old girl lol.

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