Idle hands

Bella is home three days each week, and some days I look around and think, "What am I supposed to do with her now?"

Problem solved. I bought some craft lace and pony beads for a grand total of $6. I thought she'd want me to string the beads and make necklaces, bracelets, or key chains, but Bella got really upset when I tried to do it for her.

She sat at the table for at least an hour stringing orange beads on a length of red craft lace for the mountain man, blue and yellow beads on a length of white cord for Javi, and pink beads on yellow for herself. She'd get the beads on there and then pick up one end and scream bloody murder when the beads all hit the floor.

But, hey. Fine motor skills, color recognition, patience, and perseverance. All for $6. Works for me!


  • Anonymous

    I LOVE when I find something that will entertain my kids for more than, oh, 2 minutes! This is great. I think Luke would scream out of frustration but maybe in a few months he'll be there!

  • Kelly Miller

    What's scary is that the bead activity also consumed my 9 year old. That's either a sign I don't do enough with him or he's a craftbug at heart.

    Bella is almost 3 so that helps with the fine motor and coordination.

  • Julie From Inmates

    Wonderful idea!!! I'm sure having a girl is so much fun!

  • TKW

    I think my ADHD children would stick the beads up their noses and eat the string. Obviously, your children are better behaved!

  • Kelly Miller

    Ha! My adhd child is on medication so he hyperfocused on the purple and yellow beads so much that I had to force him to let it go when he ran out of beads. He then started crying and I said bead time was over, so Bella started crying. That's how we roll.

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