1. I am so lazy. A friend called me this week about a part-time job that would require only 12 hours of my time (two six-hour days) and pay $20 per hour. The catch? I'd have to be there at 7:50 am. Uh, really? You want me up, dressed, child free, and somewhere out in the world before 8 am? I just don't think I can do it. The superior side of me says that I could make twice that on a freelance gig that requires less time but the honest side of me says I'm just spoiled by how I haven't had to be presentable and in an office that early in at least three years. Why start now?

2. My kid is driving me nuts. You'd think the problem would be the two year old, but she's predictable and easy to manipulate. The nine year old is a completely different story. He can be surly and wild and unmanageable. It's too cold to put him out and it's illegal to cage him up. I don't want to spank him -- not that I'm against it -- but he's too old for spanking and doing it would only make him surly and disagreeable. I don't want to spend long hours yelling ... and when I do yell, it's inevitably the baby who learns a lesson (which is to scream when she's mad). So the end result is I'm in a foul mood, the nine year old is out of control, and the two year old is in tears because neither Mama nor Javi are behaving in nice ways.

3. It's my fault he's driving me nuts because I forgot to get his prescription filled. A kid who needs medication is a kid who needs medication. Of course, I'm not the only adult in the house, so technically there should be a backup when my brain implodes -- but the other adult doesn't really see this as his job so I'm the one responsible and I'm the one who forgot.

I feel so much better now.


  • amber_mtmc

    Using words as therapy? An excellent idea.

    Glad you are feeling better.

  • Kelly Miller

    I am a firm believer in word therapy. Sometimes I just have to get the crap out of my head and then I can move on. Like my own personal pensieve!

  • BigLittleWolf

    Funny how life changes. I would jump at those 12 hours @$20/hr. (And in my finest heels.)


  • Kelly Miller

    I know, I know! I should do it. This is one of those issues that I carry (unnecessary) guilt over. I did some heavy thinking about it and I've decided I just don't like kids and I love my schedule (working in my jammies). I am okay with it (though I may feel differently as the year progresses).

  • The Drama Mama

    I just wanted to say that we seem to have a lot in common. My kids are 9 and 2 as well, and my 9 yr old daughter has ADHD coupled with ODD. I have SO much to learn about parenting an ADHD child it's not even funny, but I'm so glad that you write about yours. I don't feel so alone and adrift and see that it will be okay. We just started her on meds in November, so its till trial and error for us. Thanks for being so open and willing to talk about this.

  • Kelly Miller

    Hey there - I'm so happy when I hear other parents talking openly and honestly about raising a child with ADHD. I often wonder about ODD, but I don't think my son has it as much as he just doesn't always respond to medication the way I want him to.

  • The Drama Mama

    I started blogging about the ODD a long time ago, but then we had a lull over the summer and I stopped. It's a depressing blog, LOL. If you are interested in checking it out, it's http://savannahisfabulous.blogspot.com.

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