Feets are for ticklin'

Some days I struggle to get by. There are warlords and all-night-writing to meet deadlines and the superior demands of family.

And then there are days when I remember why it all matters. Why it would matter even if things were always sunshine and rainbows and unicorns for everyone, everywhere. These glorious little people we're blessed with -- whether through birth or adoption or accident or the bonds of friendship and family -- are what make the world go 'round.


  • Moore Minutes

    Kelly, this is a beautiful post. <3 I so appreciate the depth you show.

  • Moore Minutes

    Oh, and of course I forgot to mention the obvious!! She is ADORABLE!!!

  • Anonymous

    I'm crying that's so sweet! The southern accent makes it that much cuter! And, is she naked? My daughter would love living in your house!
    I also love that she kept saying, "huh?" when your husband asked a question because she had her hands over her ears.


  • Kelly Miller

    Aw, I'm glad you like her little accent. Today I was trying to figure out what lullabies are. Turns out they're granola bars said with a twang. ;)

    She says huh when she can't figure out what you want her to say. It's cute in an annoying way.

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